Why it is Necessary to Update a Marketing List?

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Right mailing list is a key to successful direct marketing. It is essential that you should create a strong in house mailing list before you start to work on your direct marketing campaign. What is marketing mailing list? The direct marketing mailing list includes the details of prospective consumers along with the information that is required by the marketer. This mailing list can help merchant to create an effective marketing plan that can ensure a positive response from their recipient.

Once you get an effective marketing mailing list, it is recommended that you should update it from time to time before launching any new marketing campaign. Old listing for a new marketing campaign can give inaccurate contact details. The old mailing list can give you bad results because there is about 80% chance that your target consumer will not get your mails at all. So, it is necessary to check all contact information of your consumers before you launch marketing campaign and send marketing mails to your consumers.

Which one is better a Postcard or an E-mail?

It is better that you choose a postcard marketing campaign but the choice is always yours. So, you should always remember one thing – whether you opt online or offline marketing, it is essential to execute your marketing campaign with an update listing. The goal of your marketing campaign is to reach out to your target consumers but it will not possible if you will send your mails to the wrong addresses.

Let’s assume, you are sending postcards with the First Class Mailing and for this you have to pay more bucks than standard mailing. The First Class mailing comes with Return to Sender option but sending your postcard to a wrong mail address would be a waste of time and nothing. With postcard marketing, you can track your success results immediately but wrong mail address can consider a hazardous to measure your success results.

The same is the case with E-mail marketing. On the internet, it is also very important to use a right direct marketing list. In fact, E-mail marketing even requires more detail attention because your target consumer can have multiple email accounts and they may not check emails on a regular basis.

Thus, it is always advisable to create an effective marketing list but you need to update it from time to time. An old mailing list can cause a failure of the marketing campaign. Whenever you decide to buy an in house mailing list, always make sure that list is currently created and the broker/company is trustable and reputable. After getting the mailing list you need to maintain it to get highest response rate with each marketing campaign from your target consumers.


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