Stay Naturally Healthy With Homeopathy

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Our body is smarter than we all think. It can heal itself when in distress – with gentle medicinal stimulation. Physical illnesses can affect our emotional and mental state badly. All illnesses that progress lead to faulty functioning of our mind, body and spirit. The expression “It is all in the mind,” is full of meaning. Let practice to see extremely ill patients being cheerful, notwithstanding the odds. Likewise, I have seen youngsters with pimples, or acne, showing severe depression with unusual suicidal tendencies.

This shows that there exists a close interrelated relationship at various levels. This is what provides homeopathy, which is mind-body medicine, a window of opportunity to assess a person’s health or illness.

Homeopathy takes into account not merely an individual’s symptoms, but also the mind-body connection. For example, how we react to allergies. A person with severe itching, along with a “chilly” feeling may (ironically) feel better with high fever may not want the blankets on. These are individualistic reactions – this is unique to each person.

In a study, 30 medical practitioners in four different locations enrolled a group of patients with upper respiratory tract complaints, including allergies, lower respiratory tract complaints, including allergies, and ear infections. Of 456 patients, 281 recieved homeopathy and 175 conventional treatment. The primary outcome criterion was response to treatment, defined as “cured,” or major improvement, after 14 days of treatmen. Results showed a response rate of 82.06% in the homeopathy group as compared to 67.03% in the group recieving conventional medicine. The practitioners concluded that homeopathy was as effective as conventional treatment and, most importantly, free of side-effects.

It’s a fact of life when we aim to stay healthy, eat good – a well-balanced nutritious diet, walk regularly, or climb staircases, we are “training” our defency mechanisms to stay healthy, without actually thinking about it. So, when illnesses affect us, our body will not require powerrful medicines to correct itself. It requires just a little, gentle push. Homeopathy enables us to achieve this stimulus – naturally.

Homeopathy assists the body to heal itself, to overcome an illness which brings the patient to a HIGHER level of health.  Orthodox medicine suppresses the illness, bringing the patient to a lower level of health.


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