Money Matters: The Cost of Moving Companies

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There is no standard cost when it comes to the charges of moving companies. That’s because it is dependent on 4 major factors: the distance that they have to travel in bringing your things from your current home to your new one, the amount of labor that is required for the moving project which is usually dependent on how much things you have in the first place, the weight as well as the size of your boxes and the time of the year that you have to move.

Let us say that all you need is a local mover in order to successfully transport all of your items, you should know that they usually charge about 25 dollars for every hour per mover. Again, this is not a fixed rate since it depends on the labor and the amount of time it would take for you to move. The distance counts a lot too because for your relocation to fall under the term “local”, it has to fall within a hundred miles from your current home and it must be in the same state.

Another mover option that you have is the long distance mover. Naturally, the price would vary if you hire their services. The basis for the pricing of long distance movers are the size of the shipment as well as the distance that you have to travel. The labor of packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking are usually included. Usually, a cross country move that requires full services for an apartment of one bedroom costs around 3,600 dollars to 5000 dollars. If it is a three bedroom that is involved, the cost should go up to 9000 dollars to 11,600 dollars.

As a rule, the cost of moving during the summer time and during weekends usually costs 20 percent more than doing so any other time of the year and week. It is due to the law of supply and demand because more house owners who want to move do it either during the weekends when there is no work or during the summer when they avail of their vacation.

Just some tips before you close a deal with a moving company, it is best for you to do a little background check on them. Take time to check with the Better Business Bureau if the clients of a moving company are satisfied with their service.


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