Family And Faith

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            While on the road driving this thought came to mind and thought that I would share my thoughts with you. I was raised with faith and love. This story is about faith and how we each have different ideas about who God is and what he is all about. I will also give you my background so that I can give you the reasons why I feel the way that I do. As a writer I have a strong opinion about things and this is one of them.

            I married a man that has three kids that we raised in a Baptist church. Please understand that I do love my other kids very much regardless of how they were raised. Ashley the oldest is very much into church and has many friends in the church but is also very independent. Justin our oldest son is also very much busy in the church and has a following into the church. Marisa our youngest daughter is very much not into or out of the church. She has friends at church but she seems to be like the rebel of the three of them. All three of them go to church when they are asked to go but I don’t think that Marisa would go if you gave her the chance to not go. Our girls wear skirts all the time which I understand is part of the faith. I on the other hand wear jeans and have foul language. Their mother doesn’t go to the church but her mother does. So the kids go to church with their grandma. My biggest problem with the faith that they were raised in is that they are raised to be close minded. I am lucky that even though they go to a church like that the kids have good hearts and would do anything for anyone. They love me regardless of what I wear but they also know me for the person that I am.

            The man that I married doesn’t have the same thoughts as the kids so we have never had a problem. He has a good heart and loves people for the person that you are and not for your faith. I don’t have a problem with my husband’s ex wife because she doesn’t go to the church with the kids and she is a lot like us.

            Every experience that I have ever had in a Baptist church has not been good. I spent 2 months in Good News Ministries and was not allowed to have a thought of my own. The pastor that ran the shelter said that we couldn’t think about what we wanted to think about but what he wanted us to think about. I won’t say that I didn’t learn anything while I was there but it wasn’t about me it was about the faith. I’m 33 years old and wasn’t allowed to freely think about how I felt about God but what they wanted me to think. I was told that I couldn’t have any kind of communication with other men even if they were friends. I am friends with a couple of my ex boyfriends but nothing is going to happen with them. In my eyes a friend is a friend. Growing up most of my friends were men so being told that I couldn’t have friends that were men bothered me.

            I grew up in a Methodist church where we were always taught to have an open heart and open mind. I was taught to love everyone even in their faults. I was raised that God loves everyone regardless of their faults. I didn’t wear skirts all the time. We were allowed to wear shorts and jeans to church. I went to church events and was part of the youth group. My pastors always told me that if I had questions that I could come to them and ask freely. I think that when I was baptized that God gave me a heart that was open to love all people. I am no means perfect but I try not to single anyone out from being different.

            In my eyes God wants us to have an open heart. I think that we all pray to the same God even though some people say we all have different Gods. God put us here and he knows when we will leave this earth. I think one God wrote on bible but different people interpret what was said in their own ways. The events of the bible happened but people see the events in different ways. The people who commit crimes against people like rape and murder deal with God in their own way. I think that there is a hell but I know in my heart that I will never end up there. I know where I am going at the end of my life and I will be with the Lord.  These are the reasons why I feel about these things. I hope that even if you feel different then me that you at least hit like it and tell me how you feel.  


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