Myths About Your Denture – Myths And Facts About Your Teeth.

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There are literally thousands of myths regarding every body’s teeth, however most of these are untrue or based in non factual arguments!. Here I’ll let you know some truths and myths about your teeth.

Myths about your Teeth – Truths and Myths about your Teeth.

  • White Teeth are stronger and healthier than Yellow Teeth: White teeth are nowadays more attractive than yellow teeth, having white teeth is a good thing and it shows that we take care of our teeth and that we brush them regularly, however using to many products on your teeth can affect the layer that protects them, this makes them an easy prey for bacteria and other viruses, this can lead to white teeth being unhealthy even when they look white, also yellow teeth don’t always mean that the person has a bad hygiene!.
  • Brushing your teeth after every meal: We are all used to brush our teeth when we wake up and when we go to sleep. Some people and this is a common habit, brush their teeth after every single meal, however you should keep in mind that this habit can do more harm than good specially after eating foods that contain high citric levels such as fruit, the acid contained by this kind of food can harm your teeth and do more damage if you remove your teeth’s enamel or layer, already weakened by the citric acid.
  • Brushing your teeth will always eradicate bad breath: Even when brushing your teeth might help get rid of bad breath keep in mind that food with high levels of sulfur (like onions) are the cause of bad breath, also the accumulation of bacteria in the back of the tongue aggravates the bad breath problem.
  • Sucking your thumb: It will not affect your child’s teeth when he’s young, however if this habit continues it can affect the denture.
  • Don’t ignore teeth pain: It is recommended that if you feel pain in any of your teeth you go and seek for treatment right away. Many problems start with small teeth aches and just get worse.
  • Remember always to visit your dentist, your teeth are very important and they should last for your entire life!, so take care of them and brush them regularly.


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