Postcard Marketing For Clothing Line Business

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If you own a clothing line business, let me tell you one of the effective ways to promote your business. This marketing strategy, allows you to promote your business in a very cost-effective way. Yes, I am talking about “Postcard Marketing”.

It is an effective tool because it gets read by customers right away. Lots of people love to receive postcards, especially if they are designed well. They look more personal than any other marketing strategy. This is a budget friendly marketing strategy compared to other forms of marketing.

Today, we will discuss how a clothing line business owner can boost sales lead? Let’s find out.

Right design

What kind of clothing you own? Are you selling children’s clothes or women’s fashion wear or men’s clothing? If you are selling children’s clothes, your postcard should appeal mothers and kids. Add a fun picture of a kid. If you are selling bridal wear, then of course, choose a postcard design that will bring a wedding dress/ gown in a recipient’s mind instantly.

If you have variety of clothing in your shop for all, children, women and men, then never try to send all information in one postcard. You need to design multiple postcards for each niche. This will appeal each niche customers and will increase your sales lead.

Real people as Models

Your main goal should to encourage people to shop out clothes from your shop. You need to give them assurance that they will definitely look cool in your clothes. So, use a real people photo to your postcard wearing clothe from your shop.

Printing Service

A postcard with good design, layout, informative message and a perfect headline will fail, if it is poorly printed. You may not get your desired response rate. A recipient may end up in a trash considering it as a junk mail. So, make sure that the postcard is created by a reliable and reputable printer.It is very important to show some great looking clothes on your postcard from your shop. A postcard with bright vivid colors of clothes can catch the customer’s attention. But a poor printing can destroy everything.

Catchy Tagline

A catchy Tagline can capture reader’s attention. Try different taglines for different batch of postcards for each niche.

Offer Discount

Make your customer to feel special. Offer them discount using postcard as a coupon. Just ask them to bring the postcard with them and get this special discount immediately. For those who want to buy online, add a coupon code on a postcard, when customers will enter that code they will get discount from you.

Postcards for special events

Announce a special event with the help of postcard. You can announce special events such as launching a new design, special clothes for Christmas, Easter etc. Send postcards to your customers at least a week before the event happens.


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