Effective Postcard Marketing at Trade Shows

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Aside from sending postcards through mail or post, you can also use them as handouts at exhibitions and trade shows. Let’s discuss few effective approaches to boost customers desired response rate:

Postcards as vouchers

You can invite more and more people to check out your booth at trade show and offer them freebies or other promotional items. Ask your target audience to bring postcards with them to your booth to use postcards as a claim stubs.  This way, you can judge and save giveaways only to the people who have taken the time to visit your location and spend time to check your stuff.

Postcards as a discount coupon

With the help of postcards, you can even encourage number readers to visit your booth to purchase your products and services at special discounts. When customer makes any purchase to your booth, you can quickly judge that your postcard marketing camping is working to your advantage.

Postcards as a pass/an invite

You can host a special sale event or an exclusive show in your shop and use postcards as a pass/an invitation. This is a great way to judge which of your prospects are actually have an interested in your products and services. If they join and visit your exhibition you can make them as a perfect sales lead.

Postcards to drive traffic to your website

If you are also deals your customers online through your website, then the postcards is a great way to let people know that they can also make order and purchase products from your online shop. Add coupon code on your postcard for those people that are interested in online purchasing.

Postcards for an announcement

If you have just opened your store or shop, you can make an announcement with the help of postcards for the grand opening. Invite people to visit but don’t forget to emphasize benefits.

Oversized postcards

Standard size of postcard is “4×6” but there is no limitation to choose oversized postcards. Oversized postcard can contain more information and texts that can be helpful to introduce a new product or service in the market. There are also folded postcards available in the market.

Make postcards for keeps

Make an appealing postcard so people keep your postcard forever on hang it on a wall. Add any inspiring quote, beautiful scene, attractive image etc.

Thus, these are few effective ways to postcard marketing with the help trade shows. Hope these will help you out!


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