Postcards For Mortgage Loans

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Every year, a number of people make decisions to buy their own home by obtaining a loan. Most of them also look for brokers that can help them to find the best mortgage deal. If you are a mortgage broker – you should try postcard marketing as an effective marketing strategy. Lets’ discuss few advantages of postcard marketing for mortgage loan business.

Budget friendly

Postcards are budget friendly; it will not eat up your huge amount of money. Postcard marketing can fit according to your budget. Each postcard will only cost you .50 cent only. If you add design, printing service, mailing service cost together you will only cost $4 – $6 per postcard.

Get read by the target audience

Unlike business and sales letters these are not sealed in an envelope – they are open; reader can easily read the bold headline on the postcard. If he finds an attractive headline, he will surely read the whole message with positive response. Even people who sort out the mails in Post office and mailman can also read it. Nowadays, people are too busy they don’t have to spend to read long sales letters. Compared to sales letter, postcards are short and precise can be scanned by reader within few seconds.

Name recognition

Postcard marketing is all about repetition. You may not get the response at first or second time. You can follow up your leads again and again to build up your business name and brand recognition. By the time, when a consumer want to borrow loan he/she will thinks about your business for assistance.

Result tracking

This marketing method allows track your success result. Postcards can be used double as call cards, business cards. Postcards can make you more accessible to the potential customers.

Block out the competitors

After sending postcards to your target leads, you can save your marketing strategy from the eyes of competitors and they cannot copy your style.

They are displayed

People love to display them on refrigerator doors, walls and doors. If your postcard is attractive and informative your audience would like to see and read. It will seldom end up in a trash.

Mail or hand them out

Abusiness owner can send postcard to the number of people via post mail or you can hand them personally to your friends, relatives.

Double as claim stubs

One of the effective ways to track your postcard advertising campaign is to use your postcard as a gift voucher and coupon. Ask your audience to bring postcards with to take that special offer immediately.


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