How to Hire a Good Game Development Team

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Having a great idea isn’t enough in the gaming industry neither is having all the necessary tools. Sure the success of the game depends on the tools you utilize, the entire concept of the game and of course the end result. There is not much that you can control when it comes to Game Development but rather influence, which can be easily done by hiring the perfect team that will utilize the available tools to the fullest and bring your game to life. Here are 4 simple steps to ensuring you get the right people for the job.

•Understand your needs: The first and foremost thing to do before you go on a hiring spree is defining your needs and setting targets. Different game ideas, large or small, depending on the type of game including but not limited to its genre, gameplay, music, characters, storyline etc. have different needs. You might end up hiring someone for a specific role that you don’t really need. Define the specific role that needs to be filled; you will need professionals for Game Programming, game design, game managers, music and sound editors etc.

•Time and Money: Time & money are 2 important factors. The choice is always difficult but if you are limited on budget then you might consider hiring fresh graduates or aspiring game developers. The same is true when it comes to time restrictions, if you are under time limitations then it is a good idea to hire team members who are experienced and won’t waste considerable time in errors and bugs. Experienced members can also utilize tools at disposal much efficiently.

•Look beyond the Degree: It’s a shocking fact that more than 80% of game designers and programmers don’t even have a degree or a diploma. Even though the current trend is hiring the ones with a degree or certification it might not always be the best decision. Those who don’t have a degree obviously are successful because they know what they are doing. These are the people who might be more creative, have more experience and most importantly have more interest in gaming. In fact you don’t even need professionals for Video Game Testing roles. Just people who are detail oriented as well as skilled in both video games and computer use. Think before you hire, the resume counts!

•Make use of the Interview: Interviews can be the tie breaker. Obviously skills and experience are not the only things you must look into the potential candidate. The ability to express, relay their ideas to others, communicate effectively to the rest of the team, object to a decision in a constructive way, think outside the box, follow instructions and most importantly show dedication and team work can also be beneficial and are in fact big pluses.


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