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In to the new millenium  and start up a UKIP  political party  to save the pound from extinction perhaps is a good idea though  with non of the former european  financial currencys  to back it  makes an  almost imposible situation for saving the Great British £ note ,however , with the recent  Greek  Bank situation  of Euro96 BN  and  a new request for Euro 120 BN  bailouts  leaves  a politcaly Fraut situation  , Resent request  from the Greek  Government have sugested that some Greek islands  are forsale , The British government  must have  a memory  to the 1980s  when   the British public did Holiday and Invest to build the Greek hotels of tourisum ,a much inspired romance of the Shirley Vallentine era tippifies this and Combining all theese above ingredients together  suggests that it would be wise to both save Democracy  and the Bank  by perchase, thus i recogmend that the UKIP invest on behalf of the  country , ie the £ in British owned assets  , A greek Island . the ownly other posible perchaser would be Mr Richard Branston  owner of the Virgin Company  however  it is this very  pound he cannot own himself  less theres some prity big owning up to do. Politicaly  a proposal to the greek government  may suggest a return to the old Dracma currency  of pre Euro dollar , this  itself may convince the  Greek OAPs morgage payers  that  the wall paper is Still worth hangging  and thus  help greece resolve its desperate  situation ,should other countrys take advantage of Greeces forsale signs  insted then multiple ownership  would lead to confusion and posible conflict that might esculate into world war  which nobody wants , with UKIP  as owners of an island  it could market itself,  financing its own party by creating  business branding a Devolution jack flag  posibly suggesting  a long term pay back  from the 1980 big  holiday spend , The  question  though is  wether the Hellon of Troy  stone  of Londidium  is also up for grabs  or can the UKIP party  save this too , if so do we have to  Roman road, this remarkable  journey to Hadrians wall   bless the Bishop of Carlisle  and  debate  and ask permission  from the SNP at Edinbourgh .all agreed we can beguin to look at the chosen islands potential , ( obviousley not Rhodes island ) food produce  , British olives , British Poppy coated Feta cheeses , olive oils , Fish  ectra to name but a few , There is  ofcourse the potential  to place a Military Naval base , our only  one on British owned Mediteranian waters  , every  sailors dream posting  .Another  posible  for the  Ukip party  other than perchase  could  be a 99year lease  which the government  has historicaly atchieved  befor in reguards to Hong Kong , if studing this historical pertential  one can easily see what the 99year lease did for Tourisum , military , food export/import  and culture .    


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