Mylot is Owned by Dishonest People, Beware!

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Mylot is a great site for getting information about various subjects and many of its members do share lots of invaluable information in discussions but sadly it is being owned by some dishonest individuals. I’ll explain the reasons for making such damning indictment.

Even a few days ago I was an active member of Mylot and working hard to make my responses and posts better, as an appreciation of which I received many ‘best responses’ and positive replies from fellow members of the site, but now they have deleted my account without citing any rhyme or reason or even a notification email. I only figured it out while trying to log in.

So, what was my fault? As far as I could recollect, I had two primary faults. I criticized their site on two issues mainly. Firstly, they have launched a software called ‘Cashgopher’ some time ago which lets the members earn money by installing it in their PCs. Even though Mylot says that it is clean but Google is loaded with complaints of it containing ‘Malware’. I didn’t search Google prior to installing it, which I admit was my mistake. I only came to know of its vice once it got my PC infected with ‘Malware’ and ultimately it became useless and I had to buy a new PC. From then on I disclosed the truth in my posts and responses about it and found that many other members had the same problem. Mylot owners didn’t like probably that I’d speak the truth about their ‘nefarious intentions’ and started deleting my posts and comments. I told them then that I’d not be cowed down by their acts of browbeatingand I’ll write articles about it letting other people know of the fact how Mylot is subjecting their PCs to great danger. I did just that here in Triond and Bukisa. I tend to believe that it did not go down well with them and is convinced after seeing one comment in my article about Cashgopher, as they have plans to put the online life of many more people in danger and make money out of that.

Secondly, when other members created posts asking what fellow Mylotters thought of Mylot as a potential earning site I responded to a few saying that I don’t think that it is a great site in terms or earning potential but certainly a great one on the informational aspect. I said that because at the end of the day earning matters on Internet. So if I find that there are other sites where I can earn much more than what I’d earn on Mylot then I’ve every right to say that the earning potentials on Mylot aren’t that great. One can disagree for sure but it is my personal opinion and I’ll stick with it.

Barring these two counts I don’t remember ever having abused the Mylot Admin or staff or other members. On the contrary I always praised Mylot because of the quality of information available there and also of the nice way many members interact with each other there and help out fellow members. Still I got the wrong end of the stick!

I am used to getting similar treatments from ‘SCAM sites’ but I can’t say the same about Mylot as it has paid many members honestly over the years and is still paying. So what can be read from here – I’ll tell what.

I see a very notorious trend going on presently with many sites but never thought that the same could happen with Mylot. Many sites now-a-days select their prey purposefully, which at times border on ‘racism’ and delete their accounts abruptly (many times just prior to cashout) even without provocation while paying others, sending wrong signals that they are an honest paying site and not ‘SCAM’, but by those actions they only take advantage of the scattered and non-united Netizens! I hope this malpractice is dealt with soon and all of those who are not utterly selfish or racists need to join hands for that crusade. But sadly when was we ever united beyond our ‘sacrosanct Egos’!I hope Mylot won’t stoop to such low levels but after losing my earning there in dubious fashion I can’t be certain.

Another point I must mention is that Mylot is a site that have one of the most ‘Draconian’ and ‘Paranoid’ set of rules to be found and in many cases the reasons laid down for deleting posts and responses are flimsy at best.

Everyone must be knowing the fact that the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of most sites include a clause where it is generally stated that: ‘The site has the right to terminate any account if it feels there has been a violation of the terms.’ If all sites begin to abuse this clause then they would ultimately suffer on quality members, maybe not right away if one has a huge member base but certainly in the long-run. I genuinely feel that Mylot is abusing not only this one rule but many other ones as well, even though the ‘blind supporters’ of Mylot won’t ever agree.

This gross injustice from Mylot is something that I’ve taken in my stride and will move on to other sites I trust and respect and if the need arises then I’ll criticize sites like Mylot again as I feel it is my democratic right and not all site owners are as dishonest as the Mylot owners but anybody willing to work extensively with Mylot should be cautious if you speak out against them. If you are one of those who are afraid of confrontation and speaking out the truth in fear of retaliation then you might find favour with Mylot owners!

Cynics and blind supporters of Mylot might say whatever they wish to without getting overboard and abusive but this is my strong observation about Mylot and its owners and I’ll stick with it.


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