How Zodiac Signs Handle Money And Spend or Save Their Cash

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Some signs are impulsive with their cash, others will prefer to put some money aside for that proverbial rainy day. Although a lot also depends on other aspects in a chart, what do the Sun signs suggest about a person’s ability to save and their spending habits?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, an impulsive and enthusiastic sign. They will enjoy a gamble and the adrenalin rush that comes through taking risks with their cash. Investment schemes that offer a quick profit are the ones that will most appeal to the Arian. They will spend if there is money in their pocket and they will spend impulsively when tempted.

Taureans love luxury and the good things money can buy but that doesn’t make them careless with their cash. If they’ve got plenty to spare they will spend as if there was no tomorrow but generally they will invest wisely and strive to fulfil their emotional need for long-term security by building up a little nest-egg to rely on in times of financial difficulty.

Geminis will save or spend depending on the mood of the moment. If an investment idea sounds good to them they will put money into it and then probably they’ll forget all about it to be pleasantly surprised a few years later to realise how it has grown (or not!)

Cancerians are careful with their cash and will have learned at an early age how to save their money. They aren’t likely to take financial risks but will enjoy spending on antiques and other items that are likely to increase in value over the years.

Leo loves luxury and loves spending their spare cash on treats for themselves and their family and meals out in their favourite restaurant. They’re also likely to invest their cash in gold and other valuables.

As with other areas of their life, Virgos are cautious in their approach to finances. They will be happy to make safe investments of a long-term nature. Strongly aware of the need to stay in good health Virgos will be willing to spend money on health food, vitamins and sports equipment.

Making money is not as much fun as spending it for the Libran. They will take an interest in good investment ideas but may hesitate too long and the opportunity is gone. Enjoyment of good clothes, cars and attractive items for the home will soak up a lot of the Libran’s cash.

Scorpios will rely on their intuition when it comes to what may or may not be a good investment. They’re quite secretive about how they spend their cash and that’s why it’s difficult for their partners to know exactly what Scorpio is spending their money on!

Sagittarius likes a gamble and ruled by Jupiter they can be lucky. Even so they can lose money as fast as they make it if they aren’t careful with their cash.

Capricorn is a careful, ambitious sign. They work hard for their money and that’s why they won’t fritter it away impulsively. In their later years Capricorns are likely to live in comfort and their possessions will reflect their successful lifestyle.

Brilliant, inventive and unusual investment schemes will attract the Aquarian. If and when they do invest they’ll not be obsessed with making money and that’s why they could discover years later how an old investment has paid off. Aquarians will donate a lot of cash to charity and other worthy causes. They aren’t hoarders and would prefer to share what they’ve got when they’ve got it than watch other people suffer financially.

Pisceans can be tempted to taking a foolish financial risk unless they have people around them who offer sensible and practical advice. It isn’t always easy for them to keep tabs on their finances and will occasionally find that their spending exceeds their income.


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