Think And Grow Rich-Bloody Noses Into Boatload of Cash

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Think and Grow Rich-Bloody Noses into Boatload of Cash

How 44 months of bloody noses and bruised knees can translate into a boatload of cash

A lot of my clients and students say that success is hard for them. They obey their fear and don’t focus on courage. Here are some reasons why. See if you can relate to any of these and how is it working for you?

These come from the books – “Think and Grow Rich” and Wendy Robbins’ best selling book “Why Marry A Millionaire? Just Be One!” Please take this survey now. Write T or F so you can easily make changes in your choices.

1. Failure to recognize and clearly define exactly what you want. What do you want? Get specific.

2. Procrastination, with or without cause or excuses. Procrastinate tomorrow.

3. Lack of interest in getting specialized knowledge and just guessing. Ask, read, talk to successful people.

4. Indecision, habit of being wishy washy and backing it with excuses. You can make excuses or you can have the life of your dreams, you can’t have both. Which do you prefer? If you are wishy washy – you need faith.

5. Habit of relying on alibis and excuses rather creating definite plans for the solution of problems. Focus on implementing your plans, watch the results and tweak so you succeed and stay focused. Ask people to hold you accountable, if they notice you making excuses they need to make you aware so you can interrupt the pattern.

6. Being satisfied as you are and not choosing to grow or expand or learn. Time to keep learning, what is true today, is not tomorrow. We are moving so fast that you need to not only keep up, but choose to be on the leading edge. Make the news. Explore new ways to do what you’ve always done. Look for more efficient, fun,, different ways to do stuff.

7. Indifference, easily compromising all the time rather than standing up for what you believe in. You need to grow brass ovaries, choose to be a leader. How is being weak and getting walked on working for you? It’s not. Ok, time for you to own your power. The status quo is not working, being mediocre is not ok for you anymore. Always be in excellence in everything you do. What matters to you? Why? Stand up for what you believe in.

8. The habit of blaming others for your mistakes, and believing unfortunate circumstances are unavoidable or that you have nothing to do with them. Take responsibility for everything in your life. Do you like to be blamed? Judged? Nope. Why would you do that to others? Things that seem to be outside circumstances are created by you. Any other belief is an illusion. Sometimes when you examine your pre-dominant thoughts and you’ll see on some level you created what’s going on for you. You may have said, “I’m sick and tired,” so often that now you have created a circumstance where you get to rest and it’s not that much fun because you are sick. Get it? Universe brings lessons in interesting ways so you get it, sometimes it comes as a stubbed toe, then you don’t pay attention and a brick falls on your head, then a car accident, and on and on till you stop and create shifts in thinking, beliefs, actions and you get new results.


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