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Everyone deserves a special someone. Perhaps that special someone is farther away than one would hope. I, myself am in a long distance relationship internationally. I live in BC, Canada while she lives in Florida, USA. It’s an eight-hour flight to her and I haven’t met her yet. What makes us so connected? The feelings we have. You don’t need to touch to make something work. Time and distance are but obstacles in the way of having a cose relationship. Even with these, it can still work. My and her friends have all, in the majority, been very supportive, respectively. There are, however, the few that don’t agree with the relationship. Ones without open minds.

Elaborating on my perspective, I feel close to my significant other. She sees me how nobody else does. She knows me. I know her. We know each other. The two of us have talked for hours on end each day on an intimate level. There is a degree of trust between us that I haven’t had the honour of knowing until now. At first I admit I was skeptical of the whole situation. A long distance relationship didn’t seem feasible. As we talked, though, real feelings emerged. We expressed ourselves to one another and we found the feelings were mutual. The conversations we have are like any other couples’ discussions. We talk about life, each others’ days, interests, etc. We have lovey-dovey moments where everything seems perfect. These are the times that are hardest to cope with the fact that we’re simply so far apart. A worse feeling would be the absense of the aforementioned, though. The longer we wait, the stronger our bond and the more rewarding in the end.

Others have been very supportive in our endeavours. On her side, her therapist is willing to speak with her mother about allowing me to stay for a week in December should she have an objection. On my end, my social worker — as I’m in foster care — so far has made no up front objections to the matter. She’s neutral about the situation as of yet as she hasn’t ever dealt with a youth wanting to travel across the continent alone, before. We plan on making our relationship publicly known after a few months so as not to arouse thoughts of simple teenage puppy-love. I truly believe what we have is real.

Continuing on about others: there are those that don’t agree with what we are doing. They are few. One person, in fact, on my side. This one person disagrees so strongly to the point of accusing us of whoring ourselves out to each other via webcam. This is most certainly not the case. Anything we do via internet is only a medium by which to express ourselves knowing there is a lack of physical contact. I sincerely tried to sway the accuser with my reasoning but she wouldn’t have it. It really hurts that she would sink so low as to disrepect me and my girlfriend by calling us whores. The definition of a whore is one who sleeps around A LOT. We most certainly don not and are faithful to one another. This whole relationship is based on trust. Seeing as how the distance disallows us to be in contact any other time than online, we cannot know what the other will be doing during the other times. We can only trust each other and this trust is what makes the relationship so strong. Strong enough to withstand the time that we must overcome in order to meet for the first time, in person. What a spectacular time that will be, too. Now, my opinion is biased, I know, but I try to see the perspectives of others. I can see how others would disapprove but really: is it not our own feelings that matter and not the feelings of those that aren’t involved? Just because we tarnish the beliefs of another doesn’t mean that they should be so openly aggressive. It’s rude and plain disrespectful.

That special someone may not be in your city. That special someone may not be in your province or state. Hell, that person may not even be in your country. But that person is on your world. And if they make your world, they are worth it. It’s the same as finding someone close. I like to think that if this works out, which it seems to be working much better than one might think, that we’ll be an inspiration. An inspiration to not be bound by distance or cultural difference. Although there isn’t much culturally different from Canada to the USA, say a relationship occurs across seas. One from the USA to Europe, persay. Where is the line drawn? There shouldn’t be a line drawn. There is no line drawn. Love is love, no matter the distance.


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