Come, Let Us Dance With God in This Summer

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Dancing with God may seem to be a peculiar idea. Dancing is to make the occasion happy and jolly. The joyful movements of dance enhance our happiness in life.

Dancing God

God is dancing. Greek mythological legends speak about dancing gods and goddesses.  Terpsichore was one of the nine Greek the goddesses of music, song and dance, was named Muse of choral song and dancing, and she represented with a plectrum and lyre.

The Hindu philosophy says that God dances through creations. Lord Siva, one of the Trinity gods, is called as Nataraja which means the Dancer God.  He is shown as the source of all movement within the cosmos, represented by the arch of flames and every move of his dance is manifested as the five activities of his immense power. The purpose of his dance is to release men from illusionary idea of the “self” and of the physical world. The gestures of his dance represent Lord Siva’s five activities, creation (symbolized by the drum in his hand), protection (by the fear not mudra shown by his hand gesture), destruction (by the fire he is carrying), embodiment (by the foot placed on the ground), and release (by the foot held aloft in the dancing posture).


Christian view of “Dancing God”

Christians believe in Trinity. They adore the Triune God. The Greek word “perichoresis” has been a technical term to describe the interrelations of the Three Persons of the Trinity from the time of early Fathers of the church. The Greek words for around (peri) and dancing (choresis) were used by the early fathers of the church to describe God in the context of dancing. John of Damascus, one of the early church fathers, wrote, “Father, Son and Holy Spirit are like three dancers, holding hands, dancing, together imperfect love, perfect freedom and perfect harmony. They are deeply one and yet they are three. They are unified into one intimate, indissoluble substance, yet they are a recognizable community. Most importantly, they are what they are only in relationship to one another- in shared purpose, in mutual love that is expressed through each other for eternity. And so should we be united together.”

The Trinity Personality of God is also a call to the humanity to be together, united in joys and sorrows. When you share joy is increased and when you share sorrow is decreased. That is the norm of life.


Two theologians of the Christian churches used this idea of dancing, of God as dancer. Sam Keen in his book titled, “To a dancing God” and another noted Catholic theologian Henri Nouwen in his book titled, “Turn my mourning into dancing,” mention about the dancing of God.  

Life on this earth is a dance with God

All religions believe in the love God. All know that our life on earth, though with a lot of problems, is based on the faith that God has a plan in making us happy or sad. Faith in God convinces and strengthens the belief that God has a purpose behind all problems. Life on this earth is not a constant struggle with problems, but rather a dance with God. The life of believing in God is nothing but dancing with God. Christian life is a dance with God is really a fascinating idea.

The principle of Dancing God reminds humanity three things. First, it reflects the unity of godhood in Personality. Secondly, it is am model to humanity to live I harmony and peace. Thirdly, dancing of God teaches the people of the church to “dwell within” one another’s lives so that world may believe that the unity of Son and Father.

Faith in God is not a mere belief of dogmas. It is life experienced. It is faith in action. It is the life of sharing love. It is a life of joy and cheers. Come, let’s dance with God.


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