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What are you afraid of? 4/17/2009

Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive — the risk to be alive and express what we really are.
-Don Miguel Ruiz

One of my personal aspirations, passions and calling in life is to live fully Self-expressed. An occupational hazard and requirement I suppose…and yet within this journey, I have had to discover what my truth is, that which is most in alignment with my being, my Self. Within this discovery I know when I am revealing my authenticity, as it provides a feeling of connection, of Divine grace and a surrendering to the fullness of the present moment– where I am lit up and empowered with the juiciness of life in every cell of my being even as I write this newsletter….

Throughout this discovery, the fleeting nature of this connection requires, that I uncover any fears or limitations I have chosen, consciously or unconsciously, that keep me from expressing this truth fully and limit my experience of feeling completely alive.

Fears such as what other people might think (or project onto me…), other people’s expectations of me, fears of rejection, fears of abandonment, fears of loneliness and isolation, fears of failure and lack, fears of experiencing anything less than unconditional love as a response to my truest, most authentic expressions and exposure of my heart’s deepest vulnerabilities.

The creative process, among many other experiences in life, has supported this journey of Self-discovery. The intuitive painting process in particular has allowed me to practice, take risks and come face to face with my fears of full Self-expression. It has provided me the opportunity to see possibilities in the chaos, take creative risks in overcoming fears and experiment with experiencing the creative flow, as I learn what it feels like and how to embody being in complete alignment with myself.

I see how my creative process has given me the opportunity to fully embrace all of who I am again and again, as I meet the unknown of a blank white sheet of paper or canvas, a new client or student, new relationship, new friend, new project, new day, new moment in time. I have learned to give this full embrace to myself and have come to realize that I am the origin of its birth.

I have learned that my fears are just illusions, like little demon- fairy-gods that come to awaken me, rouse my attention, aggravate and ‘stir it up’, energizing me to get ready for the leap, as they question my reality and push me to a new phase of my own growth and evolution. And as I jump, they become transcended time and time again.

What are your fears? How do they limit your own Self-expression and of experiencing life most fully? Are you willing to take a leap into the unknown of your juicy life and highest potential?


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