Emotions Are a Liability, But They Are Worth The "care"

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Each time your emotional liabilities are aired out of the cocoon, your life undergoes a paradigm shift from the confines of hidden fear to the realms of profound maturity. Emotions are difficult to control. No matter how far they are from reason, they are very near to action. And these actions which are very too often maligned with emotions are not that often considered to be civil. We generally repent at such actions. Though, sometimes we make a volte face that we have done that right, but deep inside, we know how much they are really worth of.

I wonder the many questions that we ask ourselves in the fury of emotions. I wonder how much they matter in the long quest to fulfil our ambitions which we refer to us as the “greater goals in our life”. They are many: “Do I deserve this?”, “Why it’s always me?”, “Why I am the one who suffers always?”, “Why no one listens me?”, “Can’t I expect only this much?”, “Why am I so unlucky?” And a zillion others which more or less means the same.

During our course of life we learn many values. During discourses with other people we talk of many such values. We know the answer when we ask, “What we should do when we are not cared for?” We know that it’s not like we are not cared for, but it’s like we are not cared by the “one” and in the way we long to be cared for.  Just because we are not cared by that “one”, we presume that we are not cared by anyone. We cannot substitute that care by the “one”, but we should remember never to disrespect that care which we get from our family and friends. “Care” is precious; “life” is even more.  If we are able to get ourselves over such emotional liabilities then we could at least care back people who care us and be at least happy even if we cannot be the happiest person in the world.  A few happy shades in life are better than none.


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