Jog For Life

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When I was a child; full of life, energy, zest, extra fast metabolism, and good hemoglobin counts – I used to often think about all those people who used to take the boring morning walks, do yoga, exercise and give countless lectures on getting fit and healthy by following the same regimen as them. Insane they must be surely, otherwise on a cold morning how could one leave a cozy bed for chilly morning walks and still manage to smile on the way back home.

But the time changes and so does your physical condition. A stage comes when you start realizing that yes now you need to do something with your body. Some ouches and oohs tell you that now besides your regular job some more work needs to be done on self. You don’t need to be an octogenarian to realize that physical exercises, in any form, are for your own good. In your college days it becomes a craze to hit the gym or indulge in some game of interest. When you are young and have small kids – the walks become a necessity to keep you fit and fresh and deal with the immense pressures of professional and personal lives. With physical exercise the fatigue is killed and rejuvenation is felt. Slowly it becomes a habit and not doing it seems to be a sin.

Still better are the exercises like the yoga which was first developed in India. It is also a form of meditation. Today when I have small kids I realize the older genre which is often seen exercising in parks is killing the boredom of their lives besides having some fun. The vacuum which is created in their lives when their children grow up is filled up in the company of their likes.

So come on guys, get up and jog. Rectify your medical condition. Don’t huff and puff. Reduce the medical bills and live a much better life. Besides being health conscious you can also do something for your mother earth and be environmental-friendly. All natural forms of exercises like outdoor games and yoga or walks are any day much better than machine-based ones. Besides breathing the fresh air one also gets the credit of reducing one’s carbon foot prints.


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