How You Can Increase Your Luck For Just One Time a Day

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Your Path to be Gain More and More Luck

Most people feel they are not lucky, and they always think that they cannot get what they are deserved in life.  We, as a human, always desire more and better opportunities such as getting rich, find a soul mate and success on everything they are working on.  However, that will not be just a dream any more because you could actually work on that.  Follow a few way below daily and you will gain more and more luck to get what you wanted.

And that is two way to increase luck – Internal and external

How to Increase Your Luck Internally

Just look at the people around you, like your co-worker, your boss, your spouse and your son/daughter, they are not happy.  Do you have any experience that you were greeting to someone and they responded you as a dead person?  And this is why most people are born to be unlucky.  Just think of you are being such a dead person like them everyday, you are actually missing tones of great opportunities!

Luck and great chance will not come to a person who are not ready yet.

Therefore, be more passion when you are doing something, sleep well and look fresh, and these are the key to be a more lucky person.

How to Increase Your Luck Externally

Besides you could working on to increase your luck internally, you could also do it externally.  What that mean you are using some external object to make you to be a better lucky person, and this is so usual for many people in the world.

Here is some example of the object that most people would use to increase their luck


A Luck Bamboo


A horseshoes


A Chinese FungShei Decoration

Founding those kinds of lucky object to help increasing your luck is not hard and cheap, and you could pick up anything you want that you think has some lucky energy.  Don’t think it is just some kind of spell to use a object to help you to be more lucky, it is actually has a lot of proof that is really help.

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