Advanced Techniques to Earn High on Bukisa

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Advanced Technique No.1: Selection of an effective topic for your article.

It is great to write what you are truly interested in. Have you ever thought; “whether people will like your article or not’? It is the most important secret for your online writing.

Hence selection of an effective or popular topic for your article would bring you more in Bukisa.

Technical secret to know popular topics on internet.

It is no need to say that large percentage of people use Google search Engine to search any topics. So you can use Google suggest to know the popular searches conducted on internet.. Google suggest offers searches by other users which are similar to the one you are typing. You will come to know the topic on top which are most popular on that month.

How to use it ?

Log on to  and select any keyword you want?  Suppose you want to write a “ How to solve” article. You put the phrase “ how to solve” on Google search engine and  wait for suggestion.

A pull down menu will appear suggesting you how to do ideas in a descending order based on their popularity and number of searches in that month.

The topic which is on the top will be the most popular topic on that month. 

So, you got the answer. Now compile your article based on these topics. 

Advanced Technique No. 2 : Selection of heading of your article.

Heading of your article speaks all about your whole article. Visitors come to your article looking at your heading only. So put all  your effort to choose a best heading for your written article.

Here are few tips while choosing heading for our article.

  1. Try to keep the main keyword of your article in the heading.

  2. Make a sense that it will attract reader to click on it to read full article.

  3. Your article topic and heading meaning should be relevant to each other.

Advanced Technique No. 3:  Insertion of perfect images for your articles

Adding perfect images to articles make it easier to attract readers to your article or articles and ultimately give a chance to earn high on Bukisa.

You should insert photograph that would be useful for reader in respect to your article.  Your photographs must speak about our whole article. These are basic tricks for insertion of perfect   images to your articles.

Advanced Technique No. 4:   Selection of keywords for your topic.

Keywords are basic building block to  your articles. The best way to select keywords is to through about the topic you are going to write. Then note down all possible keywords and select few of them. Again go through the selected keywords and choose 1 or 2 main keywords and 2 sub keywords.  The design your article based on these words only. But don’t compromise with the quality of article while using keywords in your article.

Technical tips :

 The best work to choose effective keywords for your article is to use Google Adwords.   Here, how you can use it step-by-step.

Step 1 :  Create an Adwords account free.  ( You should have a Gmail account to open an Google Adwords account)

Step 2 :  Go to “Reporting  & Tools”

Step 3:  Click on “Key word Tool” Tab.

Step 4 :  Here you will get “ Find keyword option”

You write any of keyword of your topic in “Word or phrase “box

Once you typed in then click ‘search’ button.

Here you will get all suggested keywords for your topic based on its popularity and number of global searches on Google.

That’s the answer you are searching for. You pick up suggested keywords and start your article now.

Advanced Technique No. 6 :  Do use relevant tags on your article.

After you have completed your article, your next step is to put your tags in your article. Tags are mainly responsible for visibility of your article in Bukisa. There are millions of visitors come to Bukisa monthly. So using correct and relevant tags would be a profitable option to earn high on Bukisa. So do not ignore “Tag” option while publishing your article.

These are all important steps you can use to earn high on Bukisa. But still there is long while to go. You keep learning along with your writting on Bukisa. You must succeed one day !

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