How to Earn High on Bukisa: Basic Steps For Beginners

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Well, finally you have stepped to your journey to write on Bukisa. Yes, you must have a dream that how to earn high on Bukisa? Congratulations!  May be this your first day today but I assured you that you are in a path of secure earning on internet.  The only thing you have to do is to follow these basic steps to earn high on Bukisa.

Step No. 1. Evaluate yourself that how much effort you can put to Bukisa:

So the first step to earn high on Bukisa is, to evaluate yourself that how serious you are for your work? There are so many people come to Bukisa to promote their own website or any affiliate websites. If you are amongst those people then correct yourself and start working honestly.

 Starting from the first day, you start writing consistently.  Produce original articles and make superb articles. This all determines your degree of effort to Bukisa.

Step 2:  Honesty is the best policy.

                The next basic principle to be followed is ‘honesty’.  As I told you earlier, prepare original articles. Do not try to copy any content from anywhere online. Once you are caught, you will find hard to survive here.

Talking alternatively, your work towards Bukisa should be free from spam and infringement of copyright acts.

Step No. 2:  Choose an article what you are truly interested in

One of the biggest successes in Bukisa is to write articles what you are truly interested. If you have expertise and experience in certain subjects then start on the same subject s right now. You could add more original contents to those topics what you have experience and expertise.

If you started writing anything you do not like, your chance of earning is sure. But to earn high on Bukisa is hardly possible. This is an advice from top rated article writers in Bukisa.

 Step No. 3 : You should know how your article can attract more readers:

Choosing an article what you are truly interested was the basic building block to earn high on Bukisa. But there is still more to go. Stiff competitions could put your article back in the queue if you don’t know how to attract more readers to your articles.

You visit Bukisa learning centre thoroughly and lean at attract readers as much as you can. Do not hurry to make your article today. Take time to learn and then give a best start up.

Step No. 4 :   Being discipline on Bukisa is prime concern to earn high.

Discipline is the first concern to survive in Bukisa.  Discipline on Bukisa includes routine work, work with honesty and consistent effort towards your job.

Suppose you decide to create 3 articles a day for one year. So make a chart. Make 365 columns and paste on the wall near to your work place.  When you complete 3 articles in a day you put a tick mark on the column of given day.

You will see you have more than 1000 articles after one year.  Could you imagine the result of your earning !

That’s the result of being discipline towards your work throughout the year. 

Step 5 :                    Keep your enthusiasm up even at hard times .

As you know Bukisa is not a get rich over-night scheme. Its result comes only after working consistently with dedication and determination.  At the beginning, it is not expected to give you $100 a day but you need to keep your enthusiasm up throughout all times.  It is an advice from senior article writers.

Step 5 :   Configure your article to be suitable for online writing.

Yes, What is the meaning of the tem “ configure”  here? 

Configure your article for online is meant to decorate your article in such a way that it would be rich in quality content keywords. You may be expert in article writing in various news paper or magazine in print media  but you should be little bit tricky while in online writing.

                The primary configuration of an article to be published online is its keywords.  Your article should be configured in such a way that it should have  sufficient keywords in its content.

For and example :  Your wrote an article “ How to control diabetes”

Here your keyword would be ‘diabetes’ and other keyword phrases would be “ control diabetes”   & “ how to control diabetes” .You should write in such a way that your article should contain these keywords sufficient number of times.

You should remember one Basic principle that online writing depends of the game of keyword and page views only.

 Effective keywords are the prime concerns for an article before publishing it online. And getting page views is another prime concern after article is published online.

Lesson learnt from this article:

In order to earn high on Bukisa;

No. 1 :      One should know how to write an effective article online

No. 2 :      One should know how to choose  effective keywords for  her/his article.

No. 3 :      One should understand the secret of  attracting more readers to her/his article. 

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