Pregnancy And Your Baby

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Pregnancy is a natural process of life. It must not be feared nor be considered a disease. Therefore during pregnancy, you must take extra precaution not only of yourself but also your baby inside. To have a healthy pregnancy, there are things that you must do to keep you and your baby healthy.

A Regular Visit To Your Doctor

It is very important that you have a monthly check-up to assess your and your baby’s condition. On your first visit, you will be asked by your doctor a couple of questions. One of them is when was your last menstrual period (LMP). You must tell her the first day when your last menstruation arrived. It is important that you record your period. By telling her the date will determine the estimated date of confinement (EDC) or your “due date”. She will also need to take your family history, any hereditary diseases like diabetes and hypertension, height, weight, vital signs – temperature, pulse rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure. This will serve as your record and a basis for your future visits. Minor changes on your vital signs may be normal but significant changes may indicate a problem. She will also need to palpate your abdomen, a process called Leopold’s Maneuver to determine the position of the baby. This includes measurements as well to determine the size of your baby. Your baby’s heart beat will also be assessed using a Dopler to be heard. The Leopold’s Maneuver will be done everytime you visit to monitor your baby’s growth. You will also be required to undergo a physical examination that will include blood tests, urinalysis, pelvic exam, and pap smear. Blood test is important to determine if your red blood cells are adequate for you and your baby. You will be given an iron supplement to maintain a normal amount of red blood cells. Urinalysis on the other hand, is a test of your urine to determine any urinary tract infections (UTI). You must be free of any infections to avoid pregnancy complications. In pelvic exam and pap smear, the doctor will need to check inside for further assessment. This is done by inserting some tools to have a better view. This may cause you discomfort. To lessen your anxiety, let your doctor explain to you the procedure. You shouldn’t be afraid that your your baby might be affected, this doesn’t penetrate up to your uterus (where the baby is housed). Your OB definitely knows what she is doing. This will not be done anymore on the following visits. However, an ultrasonography (ultrasound) may be needed to accurately assess your baby.

Lifestyle Modification

Your life may be very different before you were pregnant. At this time, you must totally be living a healthy life. Your diet is very significant. You must include always fruits and vegetables in your meals. Ask your OB what foods and how do you need to eat everyday to support you and your baby’s growth. Exercise may also be necessary but must be done slightly not to stress your self. Have adequate rest. Most of all avoid alcohol, cigarette, and taking drugs without your OB knowing it. Drugs maybe harmful to your baby and might cause any abnormalities and physical defects.


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