Attitudes At Work For Promotion

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Admit it, you are not contented with your salary. You wish you earn bigger than this considering your service of 5 years in the company. But your boss is just too busy and hardly notices you for a promotion. However, have you asked your self why your boss is not noticing you or the promotion that your are dreaming of is not given to you? Maybe you lack some of the following qualities that you should possess for you to achieve this. Read and learn in this article about the attitudes that you must have for a sure ball promotion.

  1. Look and act that you deserve to be promoted. Don’t show to everyone that you work just because you need to. You work because you have a dream in your career.

  2. Know and understand the mission of the company. Coordinate your self with the goals and values of your company and boss. Make their priorities your priorities as well.

  3. Be organized. Plan what you will do for the next day. List the task that needs to be prioritized and what are important. Try to make an objective for the day that needs to be accomplished.

  4. Be a team player. Try to show that you are open to extend your hand to anybody who may need help at work. Go beyond the call of duty. Take on added challenges and put in extra hours even though the task is beyond your job description.

  5. Be on time. Being punctual shows that you are enthusiastic and able to mange your time effectively. Be at the workplace early all the time and submit your tasks a day before the deadline if possible.

  6. Change is inevitable. You must know how to adjust and adapt to any situations that may occur. Bosses are impressed to their employees who are flexible.

  7. Be resourceful. Try to find some ways to the problems tha tyou may have noticed before presenting just merely the problem. In that way, you don’t only give a problem but also a solution.

  8. Do what you say you’re going to do. You should be dependable. Better yet, do something more than what you have said.

  9. Show respect to your boss and be courteous. Show your loyalty by telling others something good about him or her.

  10. Bring a positive energy around. Be an example to everyone and will be considered as a model. Be a motivator, someone who brings encouragement and inspiration to everyone.

  11. Expand your knowledge. The company offers sponsorship on the trainings and seminars for their employees and company’s improvement. Take advantage of it whether it is in line to your field or not. Stay current with technological, legal and knowledge advances in your area. Upgrade your skills and learn new ones.

  12. Try not to miss even a single day at work. Take care of your health. Your productivity and your image might be of risk if you are not feeling well.

  13. Know how you are evaluated and focus on the skills, behaviors, and accomplishment where you will be judged on and rewarded.

  14. Appreciate your boss. It is not a guarantee that giving him something will ensure you a promotion. It may help but he might interpret it in a different way. Therefore, it is necessary that you emphasize that you are giving him a gift not because you want something from him, but you want him to feel that you appreciate him. Commonly, only the boss gives rewards to his employees who made a good job. But this time, you will be the one to acknowledge your boss’s hardship. Give him something that will melt his heart of making him an important person. He might be crazy about baseball and haven’t played in a long while, a Personalized Major League Baseball Mug is best for him. Another option is replica-autographed baseballs or a personalized mini baseball bat. Appreciating your boss will guarantee you left a mark in his heart.


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