Young People And Family Planning

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The family planning is the need of the hour as most of the countries seeing population growth as the major cause for their concern. Adding, the future of any country lies on their young people as they play major role in the future growth of their country. When we take the world population as a whole, young people who represents the age group of 18-25 years account for over half the population, and they remain at the core of essential family planning ideas. As the world population is heading towards to reach seven billion by the end of this year, the importance of engaging young generation in the family planning at an early age becoming crucial. Education about healthy sexual practice at young age could helps to learn moral as well as ethical concerns along with physical aspects about family planning. With approximately 20 million unsafe abortions, and over one lakh premature born deaths each year, experts feel for the introduction of family planning among young generation. 

* Young people had limited knowledge in the appropriate usage of condoms, and some of them have little knowledge about their avialability, which is one major concern in the effective implementation of family planning. Governments should initiate programs to teach boys about appropriate usage and availability of condom. 

* After launching family planning programs, governments have to ensure that these should reach the mass. And, they could utilise media such as television, radio, newspaper, and other social media for popularising the programs, and send the messages to the youth.

* Schools and colleges are one of the best places to reach out to future generation and subsequently engage young people in regards to family planning. 

* By repeating the message through fun formats, governments and other social organisations make it sure that children are willing to learn.

* Message to create awareness in this regard should reachout children both inside and outside of school curriculum.

* Social organisations could paricipate actively in the awareness program to teach young people about the  consequences of having too many children at one time through street drama, and other such activities which contrasts the difference between sensible family life and the absurd.

* Parents play a crucial role in the physical as well as mental development of their children. Young people need to be taught morals, maturity and responsibility. So more pressure should be put on parents to teach children necessary life lessons and issues.

* Now a days, young people and pregnancy is becoming a global issue, and that needs to be addressed if it is to be overcome. 

* Young generation itself to be engaged in the issue to make a difference. 

* Teenage girls need to access compulsory sex education that addresses the issue of young pregnancy as well as family planning and contraceptives that combat it. 


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