5 Points People Miss When Planning Their Website Design

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Everyone launches website considering doing SEO for their website. Hence, they forget to discuss on many issues with their web designer that they should consider while getting their website done. People usually forget to consider putting all of the following add-ons on their website while planning their business site. I am going to add some more information on why do we want them on our website and what are the advantages.  

1)  Sitemap:  Equally important while considering internet marketing and doing SEO for your website. Your website designer would know how to get this more professionally done for your website.

2)  Blog:  Google just loves blogs. It doesn’t matter you go with WordPress or eBlogger. You need to have a blog on your website. Without that you will not be enjoying traffic. Google loves information to be found on your site. Thus Google loves when your site is flooded with all various information that your domain is named for. Ultimately.

3)  News:  As said in my earlier point, Google loves information. Google is a info hunger machine. It will only rank your website well when you have lot of information to your industry or the products you are promoting or trying to get high rank. Hence, you need to keep on adding various news related to your business and industry. You need to keep on updating this section mostly every day.   

4)  Forum:  When you are already carrying lot of visitors on your site, your site is also required to have forum on your site. Forum is a place where people usually interact indirectly with the issues affecting and revolving around your business products and services. Make sure you have this usage allowed through a strict registration process. You don’t want your forums to get messed up with junk comments and posts. Some competitors may use this to create anti-awareness about your products and services.  

5)  Futuristic Website: See that you get your website designed considering at least 2 years ahead from today. If your website is about product, try keeping your website background blank as possible so that people can enjoy shopping on your website. If you are a website that promotes services, then you can go with a very decent colour and design. Considering the home page and inner page design of the website is very important. Beer bars or night bars has different ambiences to amuse you and restaurants has their own ambiences to make you feel decent having your lunch or dinner. So it depends what kind of business you run and you know how your customers would like your website to be than a designer. You can ofcourse design your website designer by showing your competitors websites.Every website serves variant purposes and is meant to operate uniquely with at least one uniqueness. I guess that is the reason we shop our shopping from various shops and malls.  

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