Hotspots of The Medical Tourism Industry

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It’s really important that you likewise explore more about the technologies in hand and the late updates that every country and institution has that goes for to your specific condition. Here are a few rules of thumb on the hot places and what to search.

The Middle East

Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan are among the recommended countries to go to when trying for medical tourism in the Middle East. Israel is rapidly becoming a medical tourist hot spot, having over 15,000 visitors getting into the country in 2006. In-vitro fertilization is among the most popular operations that foreigners go for in Israel. They likewise want to view the Dead Sea, and other historical and biblical landmarks.

Jordan is easily growing as a medical tourism hotspot. In the year 2007, over 200,000 visitors went and pulled in more than $1 billion in income. Most of the foreigners come from Iraq, Sudan and Palestine. Compared to costs of health care in the United States, you can save as much 75% on treatment. The World Bank ranked Jordan 5th globally as a medical tourism hotspot.

The UAE or United Arab Emirates has upgraded as well with several of their equipment, facilities and practices to be competitive in the world market. More hospitals are aspiring to get accreditation from the largest agencies to draw in more foreigners.

Asia and the Pacific

China is a favorite amongst medical tourists due to its unique approach to treatment. Chinese hospitals and establishments are widely recognized for fusing modern medical practices and technology using traditional Chinese medicine and therapeutic methods. Stem cell treatment is among the most common procedures that visitors go to China for. China is also quite rich in culture, so you get the most out of your vacation by picking this country.

Hong Kong is yet another popular medical tourist hub. All 12 private hospitals are certified by Trent and assure that patients just get the highest standard and quality of care around. Double international accreditation is also gained by the hospitals, with the second being from JCI. Hong Kong hospitals brag of getting the cutting-edge technologies and equipment to guarantee patient safety and well-being.

More Asian Destinations

Taiwan intends to be a big medical tourism center in the future as well. The government has been quite active in putting up funds and campaigns to help boost and promote the different programs extended by hospitals and medical institutions. A few of the reasons that visitors go to Taiwan include the cheap cost of procedures and the numerous shopping places available. Some of the popular operations that foreigners typically go for include liver transplant, bone marrow transplant, plastic surgery and joint replacement operation.

Westerners choose going to Asia due to its rich culture and low costs. You get the reward of getting great packages and the best in accommodations and transport. People in Asia are also recognized to be really warm and hospitable, making the places quite ideal for both medical treatment and vacationing.


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