My Greatest Love Sacrifice

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In life there are time we need to sacrifice for something. Love, love is of course one of the risky feelings that we feel.

It also involves sacrifice. We are sacrifices something over one another to the extent that we are going to drop one thing and raise the other.

In my life, I made a greatest sacrifice for love. God know, this is my feeling and how I held to it. I am only a human that sometimes went wrong, but whatever it is I will call it sacrifice.

I was 15 before when I started to fall in love.

I was so in love and almost drop my study. My mother told me to choose, study or marriage. She says, when I choose to study, I will go for study, and when I choose marriage then I will go for it.

On that early age I witness some of my cousins who finished their studies but they do not have a job, maybe because of racial discrimination in our country.

I thought I could 
be like them to, so I lost my interest in my study. At 18 years old, I was second year college then, I finally chose to go for marriage.

I do not know, but I was so confident to choose marriage.

My parents were so strict and they do not want my boyfriend to appear in our house, even they know about our relationship. He could hardly get near me, and he too finally told me to marry me at once so that he can get close.

He is an engineer, and sweet gentle man. I appreciate his love and his caring feeling toward me.

Finally, I stick to my decision. I will go for marriage. And right away my boyfriend asked my hands for marriage from my parents, and they too granted his request.

I got married at the age of 18.I am not pregnant nor touched by my boyfriend, it’s just I choose marriage over my study.

After a year I gave birth to my eldest son, my first born son. I love him so much. I took good care of him. He is the fruit of our love, and the first fruit of our love. He looked very alike like his dad….

But after a couple of years, I met my friends and my classmates in malls, chatted them in facebook, they were in a good job while I stay under graduated in college level. I could not help my feeling felt jealous to them. They have a successful career and they go for work.

I could not stop thinking about my past. Sometimes I felt regrets that I never finished my studies. But when I look into the eyes of my children, “I would prefer to care for them and guide them”, myself told me. Some encourages me to enroll to study, and I would say no. I will not leave my kids. I will guide them and spend my full time cherishing them. 

And soon a while, I knew from a friend that she found it hard to control over her child because she has no time for her, for she is working in an office. While me, I am giving gull attention to my kids, supporting them, teaching them, consoling them. Finally I made up my mind, this is my sacrifice. My love sacrifice, I will stick to it and appreciate it all over my life.

And now, I am completely happy with my family. I prepare their meals and I am with them in time they need me. I have always time for them.

And to my husband, he is always been a supportive husband to me. Love me and took care of me too.


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