Courses After 12Th in India

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As far as education in India is concerned, 12th standard is an important milestone. Career of most individuals depends on what he chooses to do after passing 12th standard. India has a rich history as far as education is concerned. Right from the Vedas of the pre-historic period to the ace Management Institutes of modern day, India bears a legacy of education that’s relevant, constructive as well as career oriented. Today education has evolved into a multi- faceted affair and offers a plethora of courses after 12th. From the traditional to the modern you can choose from hundreds of courses according to your career orientation. However, before selecting a course it’s important to know about the details of the course and also about the credibility of the college or the educational institute you are opting for. With a candid choice you can pave your way for a bright and promising career after completing the selected course. 

Major Courses after 12th – 

Conventional Courses- Most of the students opts for these courses after passing 12th standard. These are age old fields of studies and are called general courses. These are primarily academic courses and are not exactly professional. Those who want to take up research as their career, take up these courses. Following are the major traditional courses- 

I. Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Courses- This is a three year degree course which offers Pass courses and Honor courses. For Pass courses students need to study for three years with three subjects on humanity like History, Political Science, Philosophy, English Literature, and any one of the vernacular languages of India. Students opting for Honors course will have one of the above mentioned subjects as the major one and two other as Pass subjects. The duration of both the courses is three years. B.A courses in nutrition, foreign languages, sociology, economics, journalism, media & communication, tourism, LLB 

Apparel Design & Merchandising and fine arts are also offered at many colleges and educational institutes in India. 

II. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Courses- Those interested in mathematical figures a calculations opt for these courses. These are also three years courses and offer Pass and Honors Courses. Many, who opt for these courses after 12th standard, take up Cost Accountancy or charter accountancy courses in future. Subjects studied in B.Com are as follows- 

B.Com. Subjects for First Year- 

Compulsory group-
Functional English
Additional English
Financial Accounting
Bus. Eco (Micro)
Maths & Stats/ Computer concepts & Programming

Optional group (any 1)
Office Management.
Banking & Finance

Optional Group (any 1)
Marketing & Salesmanship
Business Environment & Entrepreneurship

B.Com. Subjects for Second Year- 

Compulsory group
Business Communication
Corporate Accounting
Bus. Eco II (Macro)
Bus Management
Corporate Law
Environmental Awareness

Optional Group (any 1) 
(Special paper I) 
Business Administration
Banking and finance
Cost & Works Accounting
Marketing Management

Com. Subjects for Third Year

Compulsory group 
Business Regulatory & Framework
Advanced Accounting
International Eco
Auditing & Taxation

Optional Group (any 1) 
(Special paper II & III)
Business Administration
Banking and finance
Cost & Works Accounting
Marketing Management
III. Bachelors of Science (B.Sc) Courses- This is also a three year degree and offers both Pass and Honors courses and involves study of subjects like chemistry, earth science, physics, mathematics, environmental science, Biology and physical sciences. Today colleges and institutions of India offer many more subjects in this course like Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Microbiology, Environmental Science etc. Honors courses available in most of the colleges include the following courses-

B Sc (Hons) Bio-Chemistry
B Sc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences
B Sc (Hons) Botany
B Sc (Hons) Chemistry
B Sc (Hons) Computer Science
B Sc (Hons) Mathematics
B Sc (Hons) Physics
B Sc (Hons) Statistics
B Sc (Hons) Zoology

Other courses in this field include B.SC in Electronics Media, Digital Art & Technology, Hospitality Studies, Mass Communication, Journalism & Advertising, Fashion Technology, Games & Interactive Media, Animation & Multimedia, Fashion Technology, Jewelry Design and Textile Design.

IV. Medical Courses after 12th 
Medical studies in India are quite old and renowned. The duration of medical courses is four years. In order to study medicine in India you need to sit for a common entrance examination and if selected you will get the opportunity to study medicine in one of the medical colleges in India. However, now-a-days some private medical colleges offer courses against a fee. Those interested in studying medicine in India can opt for the following courses- 

M.B.B.S (Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery) 
Duration: 4.5 years 

B.D.S (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) 

Duration: 4 years 

B.Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 

Duration: 4 years 

B.Sc Nursing 

Duration: 3 years 

B.P.T (Physiotherapy) 

Duration: 3 years 

B.O.T (Occupational Therapy) 

Duration: 3 years 

B.H.M.S(Homeopathy Medicine) 

Duration: 3 years 

B.U.M.S(Unani Medicine) 

Duration: 5 years 


Duration: 2 years 

Ophthalmic Assistant Course Duration: 2 years 

Histopathalogical Lab Technology Duration: 1 year 

B.A.M.S(Ayurvedic, Siddha Medicine) Duration: 4 years 

D. Pharma (Ayurvedic, Siddha Medicine) Duration: 1 year 

Lab Technicians Duration: 1 year 

Sanitary Inspector Course Duration: 1 year 

General Nursing Training Course Duration: 3.5 years 

Orthopedist Course Duration: 2 years 

Dental Mechanic Course Duration 2 years 

Dental Hygienist Course Duration: 2 years 

Bachelor of Occupationaltherapy Duration: 3 years Radiological Assistant 

Duration: 1 year 

Radiography [Diagnosis & Therapy] Duration: 2 years 

Nuclear Medicine Technology Duration: 2 years 

Other modern courses include- 

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
Bachelor of Unani Medicine
Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine
General Nursing Training Courses
Bachelor of Ayurvedic and Siddha Medicine
Bachelor of Physiotherapy
B.Sc Nnursing
Nuclear Medicine Technology Courses
V. Engineering Courses after 12th
Engineering courses are for those interested in the science of mechanism and technology. For studying engineering in India you need to qualify one of the common entrance tests that are held every year. On clearing the test you will be offered the course and college. The courses are of four years duration and the popular courses available are as follows- 

Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering- study of the design, creation and operation of machines related to flying 
Agricultural Engineering- study of design and operation of tools, implements and machines that are used in agriculture.

Architecture Engineering- Study of architectural designs and forms. 
Automobile Engineering- study of design, creation, manufacture and operation of machines relevant to automobiles. 
Computer Engineering- study of design, development, manufacture and maintenance of computer components. 
Electronic and Electrical Engineering—study and research of the development, design, creation and maintenance of electronic and electrical gadgets. 
Automobile Engineering- study of the design, creation, manufacture and operation of automobiles. 
Civil Engineering – This engineering course teaches about the design, development and construction of bridges, dams, metro, railroad systems etc. 
Industrial Engineering- study of making of machines. 
Instrumentation Engineering- study of design, manufacture and maintenance of instruments and instrument units. 
Manufacturing Engineering- study of manufacture things including machinery, electronics, medical devices, automobile parts, textiles etc.. 
Marine Engineering- study of the designing, construction and management of ships and other naval vehicles. 
Mechanical Engineering- study of the design, construction, and operation of power plants, engines, and machines. 
Metallurgical Engineering- study of metals 
Mining Engineering- study of mines and minerals. 
Other Courses After12th- These are mainly specialized courses and are much in demand in India. As most students are career oriented they choose to pursue a career in these job-oriented courses. These courses are practical, relevant and professional. 
I. Diploma Courses after 12th- 
Diploma in Development Journalism 
Diploma in 3D Animation & Visual Effects
Diploma in Advanced Fashion Designing
Diploma in Advertising & Marketing Institute of Media, Fashion and Allied Arts 
Diploma in Animation Film Making 
Diploma in Broadcast Journalism for Electronic Media
Diploma in Event Management
Diploma in Fine Arts
Diploma in Gems & Jewelry
Diploma in Graphic Designing
Diploma in Interior Design
Diploma in Post Production
Diploma in Radio Jockeying 
Diploma in Sound Engineering
Diploma in Television & Broadcast Studies
Diploma in VFX & Digital Film MakingDiploma 
II. Interior Designing courses after 12th- 

Those with a creative bent of mind often choose Interior Designing as their career. Interior designing courses have gained popularity in India in recent years and there are a number of colleges in the country who offers degree as well as diploma courses in Interior Designing. The course involves planning, designing and arranging the interiors depending upon individual taste and preference. This profession requires creative outlook, imagination and technical knowledge. The designs should be sensible, realistic, secure and eye-catching. The fields of specialization in this course include- 

Interior decorators
Interior designing
Exhibition designers
Theatre and set designers
Window display designers
Landscaping and designing

III. Online Courses after 12th-

Today the entire world has become connected with World Wide Web. Every aspect of life has become computerized and education is not lacking behind. Today one can sit back at home and opt for online courses in various fields. The major online courses are as follows- 

Arts and Architecture
Fine Arts
Web design
Other arts and design
Business and Management
Accounting and Finance
Information Systems
Travel and Hospitality
Communications / Telecommunications 
Human Resource
Health Care 
Computer Science
Information Systems
Health Care and Human Services
Social Work
Liberal Arts
1. Criminal Justice 2. Paralegal Science and Technology
Engineering (Computer / Electrical / Mechanical / others)
Social Science
1. Leadership and other
Other Courses
Associate of Arts in General Studies Associate of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies Program Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Security Continuing and Professional Studies etc 

III. Beauty Courses after 12th- 

With everyone willing to look special in their own way, beautician courses have become popular and are well in demand in India. Students with interest in beauty care can opt for a beauty course and choose a career in the glamour world. Popular beauty courses are as follows- 

Advance Diploma Course Advance Diploma in Hair Dressing Advance Hair Diploma Holder Advance Hair Dressing Advanced Body Treatments Course Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology Advanced Makeup Course Advanced Paramedical Esthetics Course Aromatherapy Course Basic Body Massage Course Basic Diploma Course Basic Hair Dressing Basic Hair professional Basic Makeup Course Basic Manicure and Pedicure Course Basic Program in hair dressing Long Term Courses- Advanced Certificate Course in Hair Designing Long Term Courses- Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology Long Term Courses- Certificate Course in Beauty Culture 

IV. Management Courses after 12th- 

Management courses are the most sought after courses in India as well as the entire world. Believed to be the most career oriented and professional among all available courses, Management courses attract students right after passing 12th standard. Today there is a plethora of management courses available in hundreds of management colleges and institutes all over India. Following are the most popular management courses one can opt for after 12- 

Supply Chain Management-Supply chain management has roped in many job opportunities in India
Quality Assurance Management-Quality assurance management has proved to be a lucrative career option

Logistics-The field of Logistics presents many job opportunities for students. 
Disaster Management-Disaster Management is another productive career option. 
Brand Management-Brands are the watchwords of today and brand management is a candid career option. 
Money Management-Money management is one of the potential career options in India 
Operations Management-Operations management is also another potential career options in India. 
Market Research Management- Being an important part of advertising, Market Research Management a lucrative career option. 
Sales & Marketing- Offering large scale career opportunities in public as well private sectors banks, financial institutions, industries, MNCs and services sector, Sales and Marketing Management tops the list of management courses. 
Real Estate Management- Urbanization and industrialization have hastened the development in real estate sector thus promoting Real Estate Management studies. 
Production Management-Production Management is an inter-disciplinary subject Joining aspects of production technology and management, Production Management courses are quite popular now and creates job in manufacturing and IT enabled services industries. 
Retail Management-The growing mall culture the globalization process, has encouraged the requirement for experienced retail managers in almost all sectors of the economy and this has made the Retail Management courses quite popular. 
Event Management-Event Management is required by a diverse range if industries which include films and serial production houses, hotel industry, tourism, the corporate sector, BPOs, newspaper houses and the fashion industry. 
Hotel Management- With the boom in the hotel industry more and more youngsters are opting to take up courses in Hotel Management after passing 12th standard. The course offers a whole host of job opportunities in the diverse sectors of the hotel industry. 

Other Management courses- 

International Business
Business Management
Finance Management
Rural Management
Human Resource Management
Materials Management
Industrial Management
Shipping & Port Management
Management Consultancy
Hospital Management
Purchasing Management
Construction Management

V. Aviation Courses after 12th- 

Toady a variety of Aviation courses are offered in different institutes in India. The specialized training courses are wide in range and include subjects like flying operation, aircraft maintenance, air traffic management, aviation safety, regulatory policies and technical aspects of flying. Aviation courses are conducted from recognized and prominent institutes and is extremely useful to all those who aspire to work in aviation sector. With the liberalization and privatization of airports, there is an exceptional demand for people professionally trained in aviation. The major courses in aviation are- 

Aviation Safety Training Instructor Courses
Flight Attendant Courses
Flight Deck Crew Courses
Pilot training in Indian Aviation
Commercial Pilot Training
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course
Cabin Crew & in-Flight Services
Air Hostess Courses


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