What is Blog?

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This question looks odd to most people; the question should not be what is blog but rather what is a blog?
By the way…… You are reading one right now.

A blog originally was a personal website meant to be like a diary or journal. If you are familiar with Facebook or MySpace, these sites and their user pages are a derivative of blogs. The word blog is the shortened version of the word weblog. A person would usually create a blog as a hobby to share their information and experience on a particular subject. The blogs are designed to be very easy to add new entries to, so the information on blogs is updated much more frequently than a traditional site. As the blogger adds entries to the blog, the viewers can add comments to the entries, so the blog becomes an interactive site. If the blogger is interesting it does not take long for that blog to create quite a following.

Blogs have been around for a few years now and have been heavily commercialized for business blogging so that today as you surf the web you often do not know if you are looking at a blog website or a traditional html website. Truth be told though it does not matter what type of website it is, they are both designed to do the same thing…. get information out to the public.

There is a common misconception that blogging requires a certain level of sophistication and that the whole process is complicated. I assure you that driving a car is much more complicated than blogging. The fact that you have found this article is proof enough that you can blog. If you have a passion for something, whatever the subject is, and you want to tell others what you know about that subject, you can be a big help to someone else who is interested in the subject but does not have the experience or knowledge about it that you do. That is the spirit behind blogs and it is why blogs are such a huge part of the internet culture of our day.


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