Hot News ! 7 Super Food To Kill Cancers

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A health experts in Australia said that there are six super-nutritious foods to prevent cancer. Here are the names of seven super food, namely: 
1. Soursop fruit 
Soursop fruit contains carbohydrates, vitamin C and fiber. Leaves of soursop fruit is very powerful to kill cancer cells in the body. Type of cancer that can be overcome by the leaves of soursop fruit is prostate cancer, pancreas and lung. How to cook soursop leaf to kill the cancer cells are: boiled 10 soursop leaves in 3 cups water, boiled until the water to 1 cup. Boiled water to drink 2 glasses a day and carried out for 2 weeks. 
 2. Broccoli 
Keep in mind that vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli contains substances that can fight cancer, but only the most widely broccoli contains sulforaphane as useful enzymes that protect the body from cancer by removing all the  harmful chemicals that go into in our body from various types of processed foods we eat. Broccoli is very useful to prevent breast cancer, bladder, lung , liver, skin and stomach. Therefore, the input broccoli as your daily food and do not forget to soak the broccoli in salt water for several minutes, it aims to kill the little caterpillars that hide in it. 
3. Blueberry
All pieces are included in the berries contain compounds that can prevent cancer. However, only the blueberry has anthocyianin content most useful to slow the growth of premalignant cells and protect new blood vessels of cancerous cells and tumors. Blueberries are very useful for preventing colon cancer, esophagus, mouth and skin. 
As for how to eat blueberries is quite 1 / 2 ounce per day. 
4. Tomato
Do not underestimate the tomatoes, you know ? Because tomatoes contain lycopene, a lot of benefit in preventing cancer. Tomato fruit is useful to kill the growth of endometrial cancer cells, lung , skin and prostate. 
To get the most lycopene content of tomatoes then cook in advance due to the lycopene content of tomatoes, the better quality if cooked first. 
5. Walnut
Walnuts contain phytosterols compounds useful for blocking and slowing the growth of cancer cells. Eat an ounce of walnuts every day and has been able to prevent breast and prostate cancer. 
6. Garlic
Garlic contains phytochemicals that are useful to stop the nitrosamines and carcinogens that are formed from nitrates (preservatives in processed foods). So food preservatives can cause cancer, please remember that!. Try if you can not consume foods that contain preservatives, although the food was delicious exorbitant. 
Consumption of garlic every day enough to kill breast cancer cells, stomach, colon and esophagus. 
7. Beans
Beans are included in the peas and vegetables are easy to find in the market. This vegetable can increase the content of butyric acid which can slow the growth of cancer cells. Beans and fresh beans useful to prevent and fight breast and colon cancer. 
Hopefully this article can benefit us all, because by adopting a healthy lifestyle then we are going to stay healthy and at least to minimize the risk of disease, particularly cancer.


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