Breastfeeding And Consequences From it

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       Each mother who has recently given birth to her child knows how many changes occur in her body. Most of the women have some or other problems before and after the birth but the medicine knows best how to help them. One of the most unpleasant problems that occur is while breastfeeding and it is related to pain in the breasts and sore nipples.

     Of course, the breasts of every woman become more sensitive even before she gives birth. This is normal and sometimes the size of the breasts becomes quite great. This is because they ‘fill with breast milk’. As soon as the child starts sucking, most of the women feel discomfort in their breasts because they hurt and the nipples are often sore. There is almost no way to escape this problem but at least you can reduce the pain in the nipples. One of the most common ways to cope with this problem is to regularly change the position you breastfeed, i. e. you should put the baby suck in different positions and you should change the breasts each time. If the one nipple is sorer than the other, when breastfeeding you should start with it, but for a while, and then you should direct the baby suck from the other.

     What many women use as a method for coping with sore nipples is the help of silicone nipples. They are most often used when a woman has problems with breastfeeding and when the nipples are not comfortable for the baby. But these silicone nipples can also be used to protect the nipples from getting sore. Of course, you should not use them every time you breastfeed because the baby may learn to suck them and then it will be difficult to give it up. Moreover, the quantity of the milk is reduced when using such protectors but if your nipples are too sore you can try them.

     You should tell your doctor if your nipples are sore and he/she will give you some lotion that you can use for reducing the pain. Such lotions make the skin softer and lead to pleasant feeling. You can use them in the pauses between breastfeeds.

      What you can also do if your nipples hurt (the Danish term for that is Gravid salve til brystvorter) is to massage the breasts along with them carefully. In this way you will stimulate the blood flow in this area of the body and this will be very pleasant for the breasts. As soon as you stop breastfeeding you can put cold tampon on the nipples and this will calm them down.

      You should know that these problems will not last forever. Yes, they are unpleasant but this is a part of the risk of becoming a mother. The most important thing is the baby and you to feel good and to be healthy.


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