Interesting Facts About Australian Crocodiles

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In Australia there are 2 crocodile species, but at the same time they could not prove to be more different.
On one hand we have the biggest and probably the most dangerous crocodile on the planet, the Saltwater crocodile species. There are several attacks and even human deaths due to the Saltwater crocodiles or Salties.
In contrast there is the Freshwater crocodile species viewed as a smaller to medium-sized crocodilian, and not considered a dangerous animal to man, with few attacks or bites, and not to mention that no human fatalities were ever recorded.

When ever traveling to Australia, and while moving in crocodiles territory, we must always keep in mind that fact to prevent yourself from any unpleasant incident.

The Saltwater crocodile fast facts

This species is big, very big, the biggest, measuring up to 7 m long, although, as with most big reptiles, you will find myths involving individuals of eight or nine meters or even more, but as usually not confirmed. They are also known by other names like Saltie, estuarine crocodile or indo pacific crocodile. This is actually the crocodilian species with the greatest territory reaching from Australia to India and throughout the Southeast of Asia. They are actually able to shooting their own body straight up about a third, out of the water applying their powerful tail as you can see on plenty of jumping crocodile cruises.

The habitat:
They live in the north of Australia, living in rivers estuaries and may even be seen within the ocean.

The conservation status:
This species was hunted down up until it was very nearly extinct. However since the 1970’s once they were really protected their population numbers have multiplied, and in fact is not really in peril anymore.

The Freshwater crocodile fast facts

Measuring up to three meters long,it is actually small sized when compared to their other big family member the Saltwater crocodile. They are also known by other names like Freshie or Australian freshwater crocodile. This crocodilian can gallop at an incredible velocity (maximum of 17 kmh recorded) and are probably the fastest, this is usually used as a defense mechanism that protects them from the bigger Salties.

The habitat:
They also inhabit the north of Australia, in rivers lakes, wetlands, billabongs. They are found much more away from the coast, far from Saltwater crocodile.

The conservation status:

This species was hunted down almost up to extinction, when salties started to be scarce. However since the 60’s they are now protected by law and the crocodile numbers have multiplied, now it’s no longer threatened.

The crocodiles are truly breathtaking reptiles, that in fact play an important role in their territories. For this reason they always have to be saved. We need to learn to inhabit the crocodile world as they simply have lived in this world for the preceding 2 hundred million years, much longer time than man.


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