Quick Hippy Bread

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Quick Hippy Bread

By Joseph Parish 

Growing up in the 60’s was really a rather beneficial experience for me. Not only did it afford me an opportunity to become a bit self reliant but it also gave me the background needed to feel secure in any endeavor which I undertook. In those days money was not a very plentiful asset and I often found it necessary to skimp on living expenses. Here is the result of one of my best means of saving money.

Even today the taste of this inexpensive bread is appreciated by all who taste it. Couple the great taste with the low cost to make it and you end up with an instant family hit. To make this “hippy” bread you will need two coffee cans which ultimately will make you two loaves of bread. You need not be concerned with kitchen utensils for measuring the ingredients, as the cans themselves will serve nicely. I would use the three pound coffee can to do my measuring and the one pound for the actual baking.

First you should mix up your wet ingredients using the following products:

1 1/2 cup of warm water

2 packages of pre-measured yeast

1 tablespoon of white flour

1 tablespoon of sugar

Proceed by mixing the above items in one can. For a variety you could add different flavorings such as a few spoonfuls of molasses or brown sugar. As a hint for those who may not have milk readily available you can always use a cooked potato that has been run through a food processor or blender. This will easily take the place of milk in the recipe.

Our next task will be to combine the wet mix that we created above with those ingredients listed below. Take one level can of white flour and knead into the wet product. In the old days just any inexpensive white flour was used however, today we could employ the bread flour or even wheat to provide an even healthier and tastier final product. You will now add the following ingredients to the mix:

A pinch of salt

1 /8 can of a good quality powdered milk or a potato as advised above

Several small boxes of raisins

Feel free to add wheat germ, nuts or dried dates

Continue to mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl combining it with the wet mix. Blend it together well until it is uniform in texture. If you have bananas or any sort of fruit available you can add it to the mixture at this time as you finish up your mixing. Finally let the kneaded mixture rise in a warm place until it has almost doubled. This may take from one to several hours. While waiting for the dough to raise you should grease the cans lightly.

After the dough has risen properly sprinkle some flour atop your counter and knead the dough a second time. Turn your bread dough over on the floured counter and knead it by pushing the top down and gently folding the edges up on the top once again. You should knead the dough for about 15 minutes. Once completed your dough should be round and springs slightly when pushed.

I want to inform you at this time of a few hints to making this hippy bread. First make certain that your cans are greased well. Divide up your dough and knead each half into balls and than place them into the two coffee cans. Let the dough rise once again in the cans until it doubles again in size.

Preheat your oven to 390 degrees. When your bread has reached the proper size, place the can upright in your preheated kitchen oven and bake for one hour. If you happen to be using the three pound can it might take a bit longer. After removing from the oven let your bread sit for 10 minutes to cool. Using oven mitts or a pot holder swirl the can in your hands and like magic your bread should slowly slide out of the can.

Copyright @2011 Joseph Parish



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