How to Celebrate New Year in The Usa, Holland, Spain

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New Year’s in Scotland: Scottish Games with a barrel of tar
In Scotland, the celebration of New Year is called Hogmani. Hang the Scots are already beginning December 29 – arranging a torchlight procession through the old town, which is open to all comers. 30 and 31 December in the heart of the capital deployed a huge party, organized street theater performances, folk dances, disco. In the New Year’s Eve over Edinburgh Castle erupts stunning fireworks display, and the Royal Mile street ignited a barrel of tar and puts her down the slope, burning so old year and inviting new.

New Year in the USA: Home party New Year in the U.S. – this, of course, New York, Times Square. A huge crowd roars, accompanying traditional ceremonial lowering of the famous Bowl, sparkling with thousands of neon lights. This should surely take part – the drive will get to complete. But what’s interesting here are going to mostly foreigners, while the townspeople slept.

New Year in Italy: On the walruses … in Venice
The most elite among the thousands of Christmas events taking place at night in Venice. This is not a carnival, but here – masks, gondolas … As well as drawing card – swimming in cold sea water on the beach of the island of Lido, this is one of the main attractions of Venetian winter.

New Year’s Eve in the Netherlands: Amsterdam – on a cannonade
The Dutch called this holiday Old-New (Oude-Niewe). Big party-goers, they meet New Year’s Eve on the streets mad cannonade. Amsterdam illuminated by a wave of fire, hear the sirens of cars, constantly bursting firecrackers and fireworks thunder. Dutch artillery advance purchase in Belgium (as in Holland selling firecrackers are very limited). Pati go around the clock, clubs and discos make special exclusive decorations.

New Year in Spain: 12 Spanish desires
Main stage the New Year – Madrid, the Puerta del Sol. Here in the New Year’s Eve is going to a crowd of Spaniards, who already “have stayed in your family Christmas with all my heart and now direct to the holiday. Under the chiming clock people frantically stuffing grapes into his mouth: for the Spanish will take, we must fight for hours to eat 12 grapes and make a 1912 wishes – and will then be happy! People are having fun, sprinkling each other streamers and confetti, fireworks booming, up to five hours in the morning, and then sent to the cafes and restaurants to drink hot chocolate and snack donuts.

New Year in Colombia: Seeing in the Colombian
Fun before the New Year in Colombia. “Old Year” walking in the crowd on high stilts. Papa Pasquale – Colombian Santa Claus fireworks. At this time on the streets of Bogota parades: dozens of puppet clowns, witches and other mythical figures attached to the roofs of cars drive through the streets of Candelaria – the oldest district of the Colombian capital, saying goodbye to the city’s inhabitants.

New Year in the Czech Republic: The Czech Republic – the three kings
In Prague, is to try to get on the feast of the Three Kings, which will be held on January 6. Three Kings – Kaspar with the staff, Melihar with drum and Balthazar with a bag – sprinkle holy water on the old home town, painting the walls and doors, leaving symbols of the gifts brought by the Magi: gold, myrrh and frankincense in the form of foil, dried flowers and wax. A very pretty sight.

New Year in Japan: Ringing of the bells of Sapporo
Stylish and mysterious Japanese New Year – On-segatsu celebrated at the same time, when, and European. Ice palaces and castles, a huge snow sculptures of fantastic heroes adorn the northern capital of Japan – Sapporo. On the new year at midnight on December 31 to January 1 heralds 108 bells of Buddhist temples – ied. According to Buddhist beliefs, a man burdened by 108 pernicious passions, and every toll in New Year’s Eve runs one of these afflictions. Can you imagine what the sound is worth? In those seconds, it is necessary to laugh – for good luck.

New Year in China: The game of Chinese dragon
Chinese New Year this time will fall on January 29, and in China is expected three days of crazy Chinese fun. Everywhere arranged mass action: dancing lions dance “land boat” parade on stilts, the explosions of firecrackers. Huge dragon (which are hidden under up to 10 people) to the beat of drums and rattles jingle dancing under the windows of the houses and the bait he served a cabbage leaf and coin – for good luck. Streets and squares covered countless small flashlights.

New Year in the UK, the New Year in France: Paris, London. In search of the best fireworks
How do you think is better than a parade of fireworks: London, seen from rastsvechennogo rainbow Tower Bridge, or Paris, on the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees? To compare them, will have to spend at least two years …

New Year in Vietnam: Hanoi and Tet
Hanoi New Year celebrated by the lunar calendar, it is called Tet, and this season falls on January 29. Before the holiday, many streets change their names and become “street of flowers”, “street sweets”, “Street holiday decorations.” In the dusk lit bonfires in parks and gardens, on the coals prepared special treats from rice. Until late at night is walking, is a deafening crackle of exploding firecrackers. Special delight of the audience is dancing in the masks. Thrillseekers soar into the sky at high swing of bamboo, installed at all areas of the city.

Soon a big celebration flag day 2011


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