Debt And The Survivalist

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Debt and the Survivalist

By Joseph Parish 

As the story goes, there once was a survivalist named Mel Tappan who wrote books on setting up the ideal retreat. His advice to the novice was to obtain some high ground in one of the western states and construct your self a log cabin complete with an underground bunker, have a usable barn to compliment your pasture land and locate all this near a free running stream.

Sounds like the ideal retreat to me however, before embarking upon a hefty goal such as this one has to consider how much it is going to cost me. You see Mel was fortunate in that he was married to the heiress of Mac Trucks, Nancy Mac Tappan. To him money was no objective and he had plenty to work with. If he needed survival supplies he could pull out the checkbook and write an amount with as many digits as needed to get his retreat going along nicely. For you and I the procedure is totally different. We must look at our budget and plan according a little at a time.

Mel’s ideal retreat was certainly a good idea however our goal should be to ultimately have no mortgage or debt hanging over our head. In taking Mr. Tappan’s advice we would certainly be well into debt for many years. Most of us are wage workers or we survive on a fixed income and simply can not afford the luxuries of the rich and famous like Mt. Tappan can do. Often people attempting to follow Mel’s lead in the past have become discourage and given up on preparing for any sort of crisis.

The last thing anyone would want to do during a potential meltdown of our infrastructure would be to obtain additional debt. Following the role of Tappan one could find financial burdens increasing at an alarming rate. Going into debt is not one of the recommended procedures for dealing appropriately with survivalist preparations during potential devastating times. During periods of economic collapse liabilities such as mortgages will certainly not be placed on a holding pattern nor will they go away just because the money is no longer there. A typical example is the rush of foreclosures that are taking place now as people are losing their jobs or becoming sick and disabled. The bankers and loan officials simply are not a breed of creature that possess a forgiving nature when it comes to getting their money back and they do eventually find you even if you happen to be held up safely in the backwoods somewhere. During the great depression many people were tossed out of their homes and onto the street simply because they could not pay the house payments. Under these stressful situations it is likely that you could find yourself with no home what-so-ever. Let’s face it if you can not make your payments as agreed you will eventually be evicted from the property and ultimately you stand no better off then what you were when you started and in some cases perhaps even worse.

With that view in mind it would be better for us to reconsider our positions and make our plans a little less elaborate than Mr. Tappan has done. I previously outline a plan and proved that a family can reside in a travel trailer for a length of time even during the winter months. By placing this trailer on some land that may not have all the amenities of Mel’s we could create a useable and affordable retreat. Although the idea may leave much to be desired we at least won’t have to worry about the wolves at the door when we don’t have the money to pay for the huge mortgage.

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