Create Your Own Sports Drinks

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Create your own Sports Drinks

By Joseph Parish

If your family members are like mine than your teenage children are likely crazy for the currently popular sports type drinks which appear on the market today. In most cases these drinks are not only expensive but unhealthy for young bodies as well. To those unfamiliar with these types of products, a sport drink is a beverage created specifically towards replacing important body fluids which are usually depleted after any kind of physical activity. I believe that I have devised a way to not only satisfy my teens demand for sport drinks but also to ease the drain on my pocketbook.

Most of the commercially produced sports drinks have between 4 and 5 heaping teaspoons of sugar for every five ounce serving. A few years back there was a case of a young man who supposedly died as a result of what is called “water intoxication”. What this entails is the body begins consuming excessive amounts of water as a result of strenuous periods of activity. This created an imbalance within the body between the water and the body’s electrolytes. This situation is extremely rare and is often question as to its validity.

Commercially produced sports drinks claim to reduce this risk by replenishing the fluids and electrolytes in equal amounts. Of importance to remember is that imitation sport drinks which are found on the market which may have none or a low concentration of electrolytes and are similar to the one I have devised below.

Your typical taste of sweet verses tart flavor found in the sport drink usually causes you to keep on drinking at a time when the usual glass of water would have lost its appeal. Couple that with the interesting array of colors and various flavors which are available and the stage is set for consuming vast quantities of these drinks.

The ultimate conclusion here is that sports drinks do not hydrate any better than common water however the difference lies in the quantity of liquid taken into the body. When a drink is flavored such as a sport drink, it is likely that one will consume more than they would if it were simply a plain glass of water. This leads to better hydration.

For my first sport drink recipe you will need to gather together the following ingredients.

10 tablespoons of sugar

75 teaspoons of Sea salt

1 package of common unsweetened Kool-Aid mix

Water to create a two liter quantity of drink

You will notice in our list of required ingredients that there is no electrolytes included at all so please be aware that if you desire a sport drink offering electrolytic content than you would be best to stay with commercial drinks. This beverage is not intended as a substitute to balance any sort of water-electrolyte combination but rather as a casual drink for children ands adults. This drink can be consumed  as one relaxes in the evening or throughout the day. No implication is made that this formula will replace the commercial version but it will compliment them.

Copyright @2011 Joseph Parish


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