Treat Bloated Bellies With Lovage

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Bloated bellies are no fun. They make us look fat or pregnant and can sometimes keep our clothing from fitting us properly. However, we do not have to live with a bloated belly because these is a natural safe way to help get that bloated belly to go away using lovage.

Lovage is a dark green leafy herb that contains natural volatile oil and antioxidant compound that help relieve inflammation and bloating in the belly. These antioxidants work as a natural diuretic which help relieve water retention in the belly. Lovage also helps cleanse our digestive system of harmful bacteria that causes our bellies to bloat up and not feel well. The herb is even used to help relieve gas which is another main cause of bloated bellies.

The best form to take lovage in to help relieve a bloated belly is in the form of and herbal tea. The way you would make the lovage herbal tea is by placing a tablespoon of dried lovage leafs into a cup of boiling water and allowing it to steep and form a yellowish colored tea. This process usually takes about 10 minutes. Once the lovage herbal tea is made you can either drink it as it is or add honey to it. I prefer adding honey to it because lovage has a celery flavor to it that I do not really like.

Some other ways you can use lovage to help relieve bloated bellies is by adding it to your cooking or in salads. This will help relieve bloated bellies do to gas that is normally caused after eating a meal. You could even eat the lovage leaves straight up raw, but the taste may or may not be pleasant.

Some of the side effects from taking lovage to treat bloated bellies are sensitivity to sunlight and potential allergic reactions and skin rashes. It may also cause you to use the bathroom more than you would normally like too. If you have diabetes or any potential allergies to lovage you shouldn’t use the herb at all. You should also talk to your doctor before even treating lovage as a natural herbal remedy to relieve your bloated belly. If your doctor says it is okay to go ahead a drink a couple cups of lovage herbal tea a day or just simply eat a few leaves. You should notices after a few days of using lovage your bloated tummy should be back to normal and a lot flatter than it was.

I really hope this little bit of information helps those of you out there suffering from bloated bellies. I really hope you can get your bloated belly to go away naturally using lovage.


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