How To Pick Best Sms Software

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For those who watch marketing trends, insiders are predicting a massive jump into SMS by all sizes and types of companies for 2011. Because of this, navigating the SMS waters to find which company is right for your needs may be a bit tricky.

We’ve laid out the basic criteria for any one considering a SMS company.

As we’ve said in our “How to Pick the Best Email Marketing Software” article, it is important to lay out your goals for your SMS marketing campaign before signing up with any company. Also, narrow down your choices and use their free trial periods to run them through the paces.

Criteria #1: Find a Trusted Company in the SMS World

Start your search with the highest rated companies, those that are known for their reliability and experience with telecommunications as well as other mobile communications platforms.

A company that is engaged and even excited about the possibilities and unbridled potential of SMS marketing. Many companies see SMS as a secondary to their other services. If they see it as secondary, then they’ll surely treat it as such.

Best Practice

Where do you find the most trusted and objective reviews of SMS companies? From customer reviews and testimonials.

Criteria #2: Take a Tour of their Website

This is your first impression of the company, so take the time to wander around their website.

  • Is it easy to navigate?

  • Are their products, services and pricing easy to find?

  • Is there a company history or mission?

  • Are there any spelling or grammatical mistakes? (This is totally for real!)

Best Practice

Does the company offer video tutorials or guides on how to use their products? Does the company assume that everyone understands exactly what SMS are? If a company assumes that their potential customer knows as much about SMS as they do, then you’re running into trouble.

Criteria #3: Pricing

Many businesses are increasing their online and communications marketing budgets, but, truly, no one wants to spend through the nose. So, an ideal SMS company offers a variety of packages and payment options, and even willing to customize billing to fit your needs.

  • Are the packages clearly laid out and easy to understand?

  • Is there a discount for larger lists?

  • Are you paying per SMS or bulk?

Best Practice

The more a company is willing to tailor their pricing to meet your individual needs, the better. This also translates into how receptive they are going to be your needs across the board.

Criteria #4: Versatility of Products and Services

Much like other marketing platforms – email marketing, surveys and fax services – SMS software needs to meet your ever-expanding needs.

  • Is the dashboard customizable?

  • Can you have multiple SMS marketing projects at once?

  • Does it handle bulk SMS?

  • Is it easy to log in and access your account?

  • Does the company assign a short code for each campaign?

  • Is it easy to upgrade services?

  • Can they integrate with other platforms?

Best Practice

A telling sign of a great SMS company is how comprehensive the dashboard services are. Are you able to access every aspect of your campaign and account.


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