Employee Birthdays – Why Business Gifts Are A Very Good Idea

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Everyone, young and old, enjoys receiving gifts. So an employee’s birthday is a good opportunity for a company to show they appreciate and recognize all their hard work over the past year by giving them corporate gifts. Signaling out employees on their birthday and handing them gifts will go a long way in creating positive moral. Workplaces displaying a high and positive moral will become a more efficient workplace. The more productive the company’s workplace, the more probability of success. Employees will work harder once they know their work is not taken for granted.

But many companies struggle when it comes to employee gifts and their birthdays. Larger businesses with many employees will most likely not know their employees well enough to know individuals likes and dislikes. This could make purchasing a gift very difficult, because you do not want to be insincere with your corporate gifts. You want your workers to know that you have taken time and thought into the gifts and it actually means something. That it is not just some random gift. If every employee gets the same gift, it will not be special enough to warrant a positive effect on the workplace or your business.

Every employee is unique, so each worker should get a unique corporate gift. There are countless gift ideas to choose from, but if you are finding it difficult you should ask for help. Recruit your assistant or the employee’s manger or someone who is close to the employee and would know something about them. One good idea is to initiating a fast and easy survey to all new employees about themselves and their background. This will surely come in very handy when their birthdays roll around. Also, another good idea would be to take time out during the day to celebrate the employees birthday. Take about 10-15 minutes to recognize the employee and purchase a cake for everyone to share. Taking some time during the business day will show your employees they are not just a number but a valued member of the company.

If you are in the mindset that Birthday gifts for your employees is just not worth the effort or the cost; you need to take a step back and see the bigger picture. Finding ways to motivate a  workforce has always been a difficult task for companies. In a lot of workplaces, where employees feel under appreciated for the work they are doing, tend to be less productive. If an employee does not have a good atmosphere to work in, their work will suffer and so will your business. Employee gifts are a great way to show an employee that they and their hard work are appreciated. Having a happy workforce and having employees excited about working for your company will increase the workplace moral. Employees will work harder and help grow your business. Your investment in an employee gift of $25-$45 could potential be worth thousands to your company because of the greater work effort it creates in your workforce.


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