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I really like the look at a glance portrait calendars that you can create yourself. They are printable, so they would be great gifts for the family.  That is just great. Smilebox  gives you step by step directions as you create the design of your choice.   I find that it is very user friendly.  Besides sharing your photos, you can  print them, or burn to DVD.


You can use smile box for FREE using the Basic plan or try a 14-day trial at $5.99 a month or $39.99 a year.  

Designs & Special Features

A great  thing about Smilebox is that it has Hallmark Designs.  It is just incredible that there are 1,000 of designs to choose from.  These designs are constantly being updated with new and more innovative designs.
Smilebox also offers thank you designs which is a great way to thank people that have attended your graduation or wedding.   

You can enter your own text for personalization.  You can always capture that special moment with smile box.  

 Family and Friends

I basically use Smilebox to share photos with family and friends.  The photo designs  can range from holidays, weddings, birthdays, scrapbooking,  babies, and much more.  It has seemingly become more increasingly used by everyday consumers like you and me.  

When using smilebox you always receive an email alert letting you know that your smile box was delivered successfully to the recipients you designated.   An email alert will be sent to you when the recipient has actually opened your smilebox.   This is just awesome.


Do you have an upcoming event such as a graduation or wedding?  You can send
smilebox invitations online.   

You cannot only send smilebox in English, but German and French are available.


I find the military designs are just stunning for families that want to share with relatives and friends in the military.  


You can even do a smile box with your favorite recipes.  Your creations are kept on file so that you can view, add to them, or just send to someone that you may have forgotten to send to earlier.  

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