How to Live Between Crazy Mosquitoes And Poisonous Sprays?

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Mosquitoes have taken monstrous avatar to torture human beings. In spite of all the human efforts, they are multiplying in the maximum level. It is estimated that there are approximately 3,300 species of mosquitoes all over the world. In North America alone there are 167 species and subspecies. They are born and multiply everywhere– in standing water, mud, ponds, tin cans, under decks, puddles and old tires, etc. Millions of them are born each day in your area during infestations.

Mosquito danger

The female mosquito is the most dangerous one through its bite because the so-called “beak” on the male mosquito is not built in a way that it can bite you. Dark and gloomy areas are their favorite residential quarters from where they travel around 300 feet and suck blood of humans and sap juice of plants, including tree leaves, grass, shrubs, etc.

Female mosquitoes carry deadly diseases such as malaria, dengue and yellow fever, resulting each year in several million deaths and hundreds of millions of cases. Humans exhaling carbon dioxide is a vital cue for the mosquitoes to find human hosts, bite them and spread diseases.

A war against mosquitoes

Man has been waging war against these mosquitos in so many ways. Many of his fights become just futile results of desperate battles. Pesticides and repellants have become powerless before the mighty surviving mosquitoes. Most of them end in negative results. Man is struggling hard between the multiplying mosquitoes and the health hazards of pesticides.

Health problems of spraying pesticides

1) Endangered environment

Researchers say that using pesticides or mosquito repellents cause more problems than mosquitoes.  A report from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that more than 4.5 billion pounds of chemical pesticides are used every year in the US. It is estimated that every year approximately one-third of the American population uses insect repellents to deter mosquitoes and other pests.

2) Dangers of mosquito spray on skin

Spraying chemicals on your skin causes only allergies and skin problems. Mosquito repellents are generally sprayed directly onto bare skin and clothing, which allows the pesticide to be absorbed through the skin and ingestion. This spraying is more dangerous, especially when insect it is sprayed directly on children or pregnant women. Another danger of spraying occurs when mosquito repellents are typically sprayed in parks, along beachfronts, at beach resorts, on golf courses, and other areas where children and people gather in large number.

3) The danger of using DEET

In many places they use DEET (N, N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide) which is a chemical that was patented by the US Army in 1946 and is still widely recognized as an effective mosquito repellent. In fact, most commercial insect repellents are made of varying concentrations of DEET adding side effects to human health.

4) Fatal use of petroleum based pesticides

Many of the petroleum based chemicals used against mosquitoes are being found to cause accelerated aging to the brain, defense systems including the blood brain barrier and immune system as well as altering critical hormones necessary for teenage neurological and behavioral development.

5) Side effects of chemical repellants

Researches state that chemical repellents cause many illnesses such as adult and child cancers, numerous neurological disorders, immune system weakening, autoimmune disorders, asthma, allergies, infertility, miscarriage, etc. and thy even affect hormones essential for maintaining healthy bodily processes. 

6) Mosquito controlling Malathion killing humans

Malathion is widely used as a mosquito control pesticide. It has been shown to have serious health effects upon humans.    Use of this pesticide weakens the immune system, thereby resulting in increased colds, flu and infections. It has been found to cause birth defects, genetic damage, accelerated aging of certain body organs, and increased neurological damage to the elderly. 

How to survive between mosquitoes and health hazards of repellents?

Man has to care more for environment to avoid spread of mosquitoes. Prevention is always better than cure. Avoid places where mosquitoes can breed and clear stagnant waters. Wear long-sleeved clothing and stay indoors at dusk and early morning when mosquitoes are out. Try to use natural repellents and natural methods of eradicating mosquitoes.


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