Perfect Idea To Bring My Baby to Sleep Fast And Effectively

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The length of time the baby’s needs for sleep everyday varies in every stage of their life. The younger the baby, the longer the sleep they need. It’s during the sleep where most of the developments happen. It is also during sleep where many hormones are released that aid in the baby’s growth. So it is really important that your baby gets enough sleep everyday to achieve his full function. You might be worried that your baby is not getting the right amount of sleep everyday. You might have noticed a lot of very unusual things in him. He might be babbling some words that you cannot understand, he might be biting his thumb or amazingly stretching his leg licking his toes. It’s just normal in babies. There’s nothing to be fear of if you have observed these. In fact, babies’ joy in the first 18 months of their life is in their mouth. They put anything in it. Once they have something in their mouth, it’s a joyful satisfaction for them. That is why, it is just okay that you leave your baby biting or licking anything in this early stage. However, be sure that the things that they are licking are clean to avoid ingesting harmful bacteria. Thus, approximately after 18 months, this attitude must be overcome. They should be, or naturally be shifting into a different concentration to satisfy them. For more information about this idea, try to read some literature about the Developmental Theory by Sigmund Freud.

Now, how long should your baby be sleeping everyday then? Here is the table that shows the length of sleep your baby is required:


Total Sleep

Sleep From Naps

1 month



3 month



6 month



9 month



12-18 months



The problem is, every time you bring your baby to bed, they don’t immediately sleep. That is still normal. They can have a lot of rituals prior to that until they get drowsy and finally snooze. What’s worse sometimes is, you might have already developed some kind of arthritis on your arms for carrying your baby in a very long period of time. That’s part of parenting. But of course, if there are just ways to lessen this sacrifice, it would be very, very great.

“Whollah! I have a great idea! I will sing.” You might have thought of this idea as well. That’s too sweet. And effective perhaps, if you have a good voice ;-). But yeah, singing or humming is really helpful in bringing your baby to sleep fast. In order not to strain your vocal cords, you can play a background music in your nursery room. Another tip in bringing your baby to sleep fast is to provide him comfortable linens in his crib. Finally, keep him warm and dry to achieve the final stage of sleeping by providing him a blanket.

Remember, sleeping is one of the most important needs of your baby in his early stage of life. Having enough sleep, your baby will achieve his optimum level of functionality. His future depends on how you take care of him.


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