Flash Fiction: An Alien Encounter!

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David opened his eyes very, very slowly. Everything looked blurred for a while. The first sensation he felt was pain. Pain at every limb and nerve of his body. ‘Where am I? Am I alive or dead? Is it earth, heaven or hell?’

Once his eye sight stabilized, David could clearly see tubes and wires connecting to his mouth, nose, ears, chest, forearm and a couple of other orifices in his body.

The woman who was curiously looking at David was a total stranger. Her skin was white. Her accent was strange and difficult to comprehend.  David nodded his head and looked around. ‘What is this place? An alien land? A scientific laboratory of aliens who had captured me from my land to be used as a guinea pig?’

She took a piece of plastic a that looked larger than a match box, pressed a few buttons there and spoke excitedly at it.’Oh! This must be a very advanced communication system of these aliens. Something like a telephone?’

When she put the piece of plastic into her pocket, a few people rushed in to the room very excitedly.  “Shocked” was the least effective word David could use, when he saw the person who came too close to his face with full of excitement writ on his face. It was David himself! He was quite sure. Or, is it that he looked exactly like him, as if cloned?

“Papa! Oh papa! Good heavens! You are awake! You are alive! Thank God! All the perseverance, patience, efforts and suffering we went through … everything is now worth! Oh, oh! Do you know who I am?” The young man was in tears.

“Who are you?”

“I am your son, papa! Your only son!”

David could not understand anything. He closed his eyes wearily.

David heard the white lady consoling the young man. “Don’t worry! Everything will be fine soon. After sixteen years of living in coma state like a vegetable, he is now awake! It’s totally like an alien encounter for him to be in the present surroundings. It takes lots of time to understand the reality. Be patient”.


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