How To Flirt?

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If there were one class everyone could take as a high school elective, flirting 101 might be it. Some people are natural flirts and others wouldn’t know flirting if it walked up and hit them in the head. The problem with flirting is it’s the natural form of communication between men and women. Flirting is almost a language of its own and it conveys many different things between people from amusement to interest to just playfulness.

Your best and foremost weapon of flirtation is your smile. A smile invites another and once they’ve smiled back at you, then you’ve opened a line of communication. Eye contact is equally important in the art of flirting with a smile. Primarily because if you just smile in a vague direction, any person there might believe you are flirting with them and that may not be your intention. So make eye contact and smile, if they smile back, then you know you can open up a conversation.

Another way to flirt is to simply be funny. Humor is vastly underrated in the attractive department. People tend to think of ‘funny girls’ or ‘funny guys’ as the class clowns. Yet, what is more memorable? The man who made you laugh or the man who just talked to you? What about the girl with the witty remarks and the quick comebacks? Laughter is a better aphrodisiac than oysters or strawberries. Laughter is inviting and when you laugh with someone, you’ve opened up another door to communication.

Teasing is yet another path towards flirting, but be prepared that when you tease, you are just as likely to be teased in return. Teasing should also never be mean-spirited or designed to hurt someone’s feelings. When you tease, it’s about being playful and out of the ordinary. It’s almost a challenge, rather than an invitation. Rather like when you were children and you would pick on each other, but without any malice or hard feelings.

The language of flirting isn’t as complicated as you might think. Instead, in learning how to flirt, you are learning how to open the channels of communication between yourself and others. Flirting should be fun and enjoyable, not something to sweat over. So if you aren’t sure about how to flirt with someone you like, pause, catch their eye and flash them your best smile. If they smile back, you’ve already opened the door.


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