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Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr + is one of the relatively recent entrants into the web-content writing sites for freelancers, which competes with sites like Helium, Associatedcontent, ehow, Triond, Bukisa and so on. By virtue of its excellent site design, use of web3 technology and wonderful user friendliness, Hubpages has quickly risen to one of the most voluminously viewed websites in the Internet. However, post-panda update of Google, Hubpages too has got its beating in downgraded page ratings and a drastic reduction in page views through Google search, in tune with its competitors.

The strong point of is its emphasis on good presentation of articles, embellished better with good pictures, video clips and so on. Apart from putting Google Adsense ads for revenue (and sharing of that revenue with the authors), the site gives each writer the option to include referral links to and It means that if any sale of a product from or is made through the clicking of link from the advertisement appearing in the article, the author gets a percentage of sales income.

Hubpages now offers its own Ad program (in addition to Google Adsense), giving one more avenue of earning for writers based on page views. 

To become a successful writer in Hubpages, there are generic guidelines applicable to any web-content writing (for any similar site, for that matter) and some specific guidelines applicable for Hubpages.

Let us first see what specifics you should consider for writing in Hubpages:

a) Write a visually appealing article: Add as many pictures, good and relevant video clips etc. Make good and balanced use of bold, italics etc in your text.

b) Give good internal links: In Hubpages, you are advised to give links to any related topics appearing in Hubpages written by you or fellow authors. It is intended to maximize traffic within Hubpages.

c) Write interesting, informative and engaging articles which can attract favorable comments.

d) Improve your clout level in Hubpages. Get as many friends within the site; go to read other members’ articles and offer favorable comments; this will enthuse other visitors to read your articles and offer comments. This way, Hubpages works like a typical blogging site.

e) Participate in discussion forums actively and get noticed widely.

Now the following are the generic writing guidelines applicable for any web content writing which are quite valid and important for Hubpages too:

1) Make sure that your writing is free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. This is fundamental. Isn’t it?

2) Be prepared to do some research (which could be done on the Internet itself), collect data and information and write them in your own original style.

3) Write original, unpublished articles. Hubpages was earlier allowing already published articles too in the site (though there was no preference for such) but, recent changes in policies call for original, unpublished articles only.

4) Write to attract more and more visitors. Earning money through Adsense or by page-views necessarily means that the more visitors come to your article, the more you earn. For this purpose, you should write with an eye on the ever-changing “Search Engine Optimization” techniques that you have to learn and adapt on a continuous basis.

5) Make sure that the starting paragraph is very engaging and gives a brief synopsis of what the article contains effectively.

6) Write in short paragraphs. A paragraph should ideally contain not more than 4 to 5 sentences.

7) Use bullets or numbered lists to present your ideas in an orderly fashion.

8) Write what more and more people search for: Research shows that people searching Internet are widely looking for information in the areas of finance, health and fitness, information technology and business. Naturally advertisers will be more interested in placing their ads in subjects of these areas.

8) Promote your writings. To get more and more visitors to your articles, you must know how to promote your articles. You can join websites like, etc and book-mark your articles there. You can promote your articles though your social networking sites and by e-mailing links to your articles to your relatives and friends.


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