How to do a Blind (Hand) Stitched Hem at Home And Save Money, Watch The Free Video

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Need your pants for an important event, meeting or interview? No time or money to go to the tailor. How do you do it yourself? Easy! There is a great site that has a free video on how to do a hem by hand. Perfect for the first time sewer!

The video is free and takes you from start to finish so you are not left in the dark with a missing step. The video shows how to hem your pants quickly and easily. They show you how to pin your hem, how to rip out the stitching and how to press it when you are done to give it a professional look.

Now you can hem all your clothes so they look like they fit you properly. The website has videos for all types of hems from hems on lightweight fabrics to hems on leather garments.

So instead of spending $20.00 – $30.00 taking your pants to cleaners or the tailors do it yourself. You don’t need a lot of fancy supplies, you probably have most of what you need around the house. A pair of scissors that will cut fabric is a good place to start. Straight pins are helpful, but the first time I did the hem, I used paperclips, a great substitute! Then of course, a needle and matching thread to do the job. A pair of pinking shears, scissors that cut a zig zag pattern, are helpful to keep the fabric from unraveling. That’s it! You mark the new hem, cut it, stitch it, press it and you are good to go. You can hem your pants without a sewing machine.

The website has lots of other videos on other types of hems plus how to take in the waist and hips on your pants and skirts. Got a broken zipper? No problem, download the video and you can replace the zipper. The elastic in your waistbands or necklines lost their elasticity? Knit cuffs letting in too much air? Bring your clothes back to life and start looking better in them. They even have a video that shows you how to shorten your curtains.
Remember all the times you found a great pair of pants and did not buy them because they needed to hemmed. Now that is no longer a problem. After you done it a few times you will never hesitate to buy pants that are too long ever again. Go visit the website, do it yourself alterations and see how truly easy it is.


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