True Friendship And Its Value in Life

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Over the years you start forming relationships with a lot of people starting with family and then friends. The friendship that you form begin at very young age and at all ages you keep on accumulating friends but as you grow older you also start to lose friends, some simply because of lack of time, some over little issues and some friendships by the nature they are formed are transitory in nature.

Doing some introspection on the friendships so formed, you will find that at all ages friends that were formed were either because of need at the young age or the coolness and style factor at the teens age. The meaning of these friendships may not be what we call as true friends. 

Come to the young adult age and you start forming friends who know where the limit is and when to stop intruding in your boundary. A little into more mature age like the thirty’s and forty’s you will form relationship with mature thinking and even have same desires as you have.

In any of the above relationships have you ever thought which of those will stand the test of time and which will not and how many of those friends over the years you could call upon in the hour of need and help. among those will be friends who will not be afraid to call a spade a spade . You will value their opinions and thoughts , you will almost undoubtedly count on their support in the crisis hour , you will yell at them and they will simply stand and smile at you unperturbed. They will do you no harm and will protect you from the unknown in the hour of need.

These are the friends which will expect nothing in return and for them the friendship will mean a lot and will go to any lengths to protect the identity of the friendship. Huh ! these many qualities in one person would be tough to find but the point is that the person whom you count as a true friend will always have them without even trying to be so, it comes naturally to them and they are not swayed by the environmental and social considerations.

These true friendships will stand the test of time and you will know it, recognize it and then feel fortunate enough to have a single true friend in your life.


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