Random Facts on Pink Eye

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In some parts of the world, it is summer.  During summer, diseases can be acquired and of them is pinkeye.

Conjunctivitis or pinkeye is a kind of eye infection.This is inflammation of those sensitive lines inside the eyelid and on top of the eyes. Some of the causes are bacteria, viruses, allergies, pollution and other irritants.

The symptoms of pinkeye are the redness of the white part of the eye, the redness and swelling of the eyelids.It includes continuous flow of tears and the sand-like feel inside the eyes.

Because of the continuous flow of tears, the eyelids stick on each other when they dry especially in the morning upon waking.

To avoid getting pinkeye, refrain from using personal things like towels and handkerchiefs of an afflicted individual.If there is a chemical that accidentally get into your eyes, immediately flush it with water.Do not rub the eyes with your hands especially if you are not sure if your hands are clean.

Patients with pinkeye heal normally after five (5) to seven (7) days.But if it is viral or the pinkeye case becomes worse, it lasts from three (3) to four (4) weeks.

If pinkeye is caused by allergies or pollution, this will last longer if the patient is not moved from the place where the cause is found.

Patients can easily be treated even with a home treatment.The following are suggested:

  • .You can put a cold or lukewarm towel over the affected eyes to ease the irritable feeling.
  • .From time to time, remove the accumulated dirt around the eyes with a cotton ball or a washcloth.
  • .Avoid putting on your contact lenses, and applying eye make up until the sickness is treated.
  • .If a specialist advises to use eye drops, follow the instructions.After putting on a few drops, close the eyes to let it spread inside them.
  • It is risky to apply antibiotics around the eyes especially for children.

  • .Ensure that the medication used is ophthalmic (for the eyes) and not otic (for the ears).
  • .After application of medication, wash hands thoroughly so that the bacteria that caused it will not spread inside your home.

When are you going to bring a severe case of pinkeye to the doctor?This is when you observe the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the eye.

  • .Poor vision.
  • .The eye becomes sensitive to light.
  • .Greenish yellow discharge that stays.
  • .If pinkeye lasts more than seven (7) days.

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