U.s. is Negotiating With Terrorists

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Ever since president Obama came into power, we have been hearing a lot about U.S. negotiations with terrorists. President Obama is a skilled diplomat. He is the kind of person who is able to get along with anyone and convince them that he means well and wants to preserve peace. However, I believe that president Obama is making a mistake by negotiating with terrorists. Terrorists are not normal people. They are individuals who often come from sever poverty and have all kinds of psychological problems. Many terrorists have been brainwashed since early childhood about holy wars and personal sacrifice for the sake of Islam. Most terrorists are poorly educated people who just needed a purpose in their life. These poor individuals just needed a reason to keep going and fell victim to the false promises of the after life. 

Remember Adolf Hitler? This man was very intelligent and charismatic. He was able to persuade people to commit the most brutal crimes in hopes of building a better race. It is unbelievable what charisma and charm can do to us. When it comes to terrorists, I believe that the U.S. and the rest of the world should not show any kindness. We should alienate these crazy people and keep them away from civilized society. Terrorists are really criminals. They excuse their horrible crimes by making references the the religion of Islam. Many serial killers have stated in front of the judge that God told them to kill. However, their crimes still had to be punished and they still had to be put to death. Think about a crazy dog that bites everyone. This kind of animal cannot live in civilized society and therefore must be put to sleep. The same truth goes for terrorists and serial killers.

As much as president Obama may want to negotiate with terrorists reasonably, it is just not possible. Unfortunately, terrorists by nature are not reasonable people. Anyone who is willing to murder millions of innocent people for some religious cause is clearly insane and badly in need of medication. President Obama needs to realize that everyone cannot be saved. Sometimes we need to get rid of certain evil in the world in order to make room for good. It is just the tough reality of life. No matter how nice you are to a terrorist, but the terrorist will never see you as a friend unless you share their evil cause. The terrorist will accept your aid and your kindness and later will use it against you. All terrorists are wolfs in a sheep’s skin and the sooner the world realizes this the better off we are going to be. Just because someone is intelligent, nice, and charismatic does not mean that they are automatically a nice and reasonable person.


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