Anthony Weiner And The Twitter Scandal

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Anthony Weiner seemed like a decent person and politician. Aren’t the all? I guess Jewish people are really making a bad reputation for themselves lately. First it was Bernie Madoff with his financial fraud, then it was Eliot Spitzer and his prostitution scandal, and now it is Anthony Weiner and his Twitter affairs. It is really a shame that this kind of event should happen. All of these people seem talented and smart. They could have done a lot of good for the world. Instead they chose corruption over honesty and personal integrity. I guess being bad is a lot more fun. 

Although these criminals suffer personal losses for committing personal and financial crimes, the people who really struggle with these crimes are their families. Human Abedin, the wife of Anthony Weiner is now three months pregnant. This kind of naked twitter scandal would be a nightmare for any pregnant wife. To make matters worse, Huma Abedin is always in the public eye because she is married to a politician. She must want to rip her hair out and kill her husband now. Unfortunately, she needs to save face and act like nothing is happening. This scandal reminds me of the scandal with Tiger Woods and his mistresses. It seems like Elin Nordegren was completely in the dark about the second life of Tiger Woods. According to her the marriage she had was completely real. It strikes me as very odd that these women have no idea that their husbands are cheating on them. I think most women would have a gut feeling that something is not right. The only potential explanation could be that their marriages are not very close or intimate. The other possibility is that these women marry these rich and powerful men for the wrong reasons. Maybe they are aware of their cheating tactics from the start. However, they are attracted to the rich lifestyle and want to be a part of it no matter what. Perhaps these women brought this on themselves.

I doubt that Anthony Weiner will ever have the same success in politics even if he chooses to come back to office. I mean look at Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, and  Eliot Spitzer. We do not really hear much about these people anymore. They walk with their heads down in shame. They should be ashamed! I do not feel bad for these kind of people at all! Anthony Weiner, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, and Eliot Spitzer are all self centered jerks who will do whatever it takes to satisfy their ferocious ego. They do not care who gets hurt.

Sometimes I wonder why we even care so much about the affairs of these dirty politicians and bankers. I mean generally speaking politicians and bankers cannot be honest if they want to make a successful career for themselves. Honesty is really not the best policy in these career fields. Maybe we should just allow these individuals to commit fraud openly. It seems that we might have set our expectations a little bit too high.


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